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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Housewarming Wishlist

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In case you missed the announcement or the title didn't give it away, we recently bought a house. I mentioned that this house is kiiiinda big for us, especially since I'm in the habit of keeping my belongings at a minimum in order to make moving easier. Now that we're done moving every couple of years I can finally start making myself at home. Right now our house is practically empty so here's some things I'd like to fill my house with. 
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  1. SINNERLIG Pendant Lamp- At first I hated this lamp, I thought it was a bit too Golden Girls for my house, but I've seen it styled in other people's homes and I've definitely come around to it. It stands out without being obnoxious, it's simple, it adds texture, and it's affordable. 
  2. Invisible House Wall Shelf- Though this shelf is marketed to go in a child's room, I absolutely love it and think it would look so cool in my old house. I would love to load it up with kitschy knick knacks. 
  3. Rainbow Sideboard- This is just such a darn cool piece of furniture and would look great against my white walls. 
  4. Penny Floral Faux Fur Throw Pillow- I think these pillows would look great on the grey sectional that we just ordered (more on that soon). I love bringing different textures into rooms using throw pillows and these are a cool alternative to the natural looking faux fur pillows that are trendy right now. Did I mention that there's a matching throw blanket
  5. Tilden Ii Vintage Metal Bed- I love this style of bed but before finding this one, I was only able to find the frame in white, pewter, bronze, etc. This blue color is so sweet, and it also comes in green!
  6. Headmaster's Office Scented Soy Candle- I usually stick to the same candle scents, but when I move into a new house I like to find a new go-to scent, and I think this one may be it. 
  7. Le Creuset Flower Cocotte-  I love Le Creuset, I love flowers, and soon I'm painting my kitchen lavender. It's meant to be. 
  8. Seno Walnut Dining Table-  Although we love our IKEA PS 2014 dining table, this house accentuates how small it is and now that we own a house, we need to be more prepared for entertaining family. This table is big, but not bulky, and versatile. 
  9. Rainbow Axicon Window Suncatcher- You may have seen this on my Instagram stories, so yes, obviously I already have one-- but I want more! This suncatcher produces such pretty rainbow rays, I want one in each room. 
  10. Tosca Magnetic Spice Rack-  We have very limited space in our kitchen and our pantry is an old staircase that was converted into a closet, so the space is limited in there, too. Having a little magnetic spice rack on the side of the fridge would be great to keep our more frequently used spices and would be very convenient. 
  11. Chiavari Chair with Embroidered Tiger- The price tag for this single chair kinda makes my heart hurt and I know I'll never get this exact one, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a much cheaper alternative. I just want a darn tiger chair. 
  12. Cute Little Fuckers Dish Towel- The brand that makes this, Blue Q, has been one of my favorites for about a decade. Lately they've been putting out some great new designs, and this is one of them. I just want to stuff my kitchen with Blue Q's dish towels and oven mitts. 
  13. Three-Tier Hanging Basket- Again, having a hanging fruit basket would free up some space in the kitchen. This is a pretty basic thing, but so functional.  
  14. Bentwood Square Mirror- When the previous owners moved out of this house, they took one of the bathroom mirrors-- which seemed a bit odd to me, but whatever. Anyway, that leaves us in need of a new mirror. This walnut framed mirror is simple and stylish, and definitely a step above the standard bathroom mirror. 
  15. Wild Flower Bouquet 12" Drum Shade- We've been relying on overhead lighting for the past few years and we definitely need to start picking up some more lamps for the house. This lampshade is cute, bright, and I dig it.

What would be on your wishlist? 
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  1. I think the house self has to be my favourite! Such a lovely home wishlist babe. Thank you for sharing πŸŒΈπŸ’œ✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |


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