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Monday, December 18, 2017

Yule Jams

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All photos are by Rachel Epperly Photography.

alternative christmas party style

Did you really expect me to get through December without posting a Christmas-themed playlist? You must be new here. I loved making last year's playlist for you all, so it's definitely going to be an annual thing. This year I discovered Chris Farren's Christmas album that was released a few years ago and have been playing it non-stop, I definitely recommend listening to the whole thing. And Merry Christmas to me! One of my all-time favorite bands, Eisley, relseased two new Christmas tracks. One song is on this playlist while the other is available exclusively on Amazon's Indie for the Holidays playlist.

Music is my favorite thing about the holidays, second only to the festivities. My red chiffon pleated dress that I found at T.J. Maxx has been my designated Christmas party dress for the past few years. It's simple and understated so it's never really out of style, but the accordian pleats add a little something to make it more interesting.

This year I paired it with emerald green velvet block heels that I am absolutely in love with. At first I had buyer's remorse becuase I hardly ever have need for shoes like these, but then I realized that like this dress, I'll only wear them a couple times a year and they'll last forever. Green velvet never goes out of style for Christmas!

green velvet block heels

classic christmas party outfit

easy holiday party outfit

Dress: Lush Clothing (no longer available, similar linked below)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Modcloth (sold out, similar linked below)
Hair color: goodDYEyoung 

You can find more of my playlists here or just follow me on Spotify. What is your favorite Christmas song? Do you have a go-to Christmas look? Tell me in the comments!
2 comments on "Yule Jams "
  1. I love these photos, Amanda, you look great and your hair looks so darn pretty! So glad My Chem's cover of All I Want For Christmas is in there, I feel like it's so underrated. I actually heard it in a cafe the other day and I have never, ever heard it played anywhere in public. I was so happy to hear it. I didn't know Eisley had released Christmas songs, I'm gonna listen to those right now.

  2. Christmas for me is all about the music - I love digging out the festive playlist!
    Britt |


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