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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Life Lately + Link Love #10

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Life Lately: 

This month has been a blur. I had a ton of posts planned for December. I had a post planned for almost every day of the month. I started planning months ago. But recently we have been really busy (I feel like I always say that in these posts) and now that we're not as busy, I've really been enjoying being away from social media and not worrying about it. I have some guilt for not scheduling tweets and for not getting all those Christmas-related posts up, but that guilt is nothing compared to how great it feels to just relax and use my computer for fun, not work. 2018 is going to be so busy for us, it's nice to have a calm Christmas.

gardens aglow coastal maine botanical gardens
Another one from Gardens Aglow

Link Love:

  • Valery opened up about gender roles, internalized misogyny, and strong women. It's definitely worth a read! 
  • I've really been into checkerboard print lately, even more than usual, so naturally I loved this post from Alice
  • With it being the holiday season, I've received a ton of inquires from brands asking me to promote their products in exchange for nothing but "exposure." Exposure doesn't pay the bills and it isn't a valid form of payment in exchange for my hard work. Over the past couple weeks I've repeatedly referred to this post from Ashlynn to help me word my responses to brands a bit more tactfully. 
  • I love these adorable deer enamel pins that Kathy designed. 
  • I can't get over the combination of Nicole's outfit and the setting of the photos. BRB, shopping for an outfit like hers. 
  • I was going to save this for a "favorite YouTubers" post (I keep putting it off) but I have to recommend Pixielocks' channel. I found her channel over the summer and I've been hooked since. Jillian (AKA Pixie) is so darn cute, funny, and has a great style. Her videos are so binge-worthy. If you like bright colors, Magical Girl anime, cats, glitter, or adorable Canadians-- you should subscribe.  

What posts have you loved lately? Link 'em in the comments to spread the love!
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