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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Favorite Posts of 2017

With it being the end of the year, I wanted to roundup some of my favorite posts from 2017 in one convenient spot. Personally 2017 was a hard year, but things are looking up and some awesome things are going to happen in 2018. I feel like people always say this...but it's true, and I'll get to share more details soon.

I wouldn't feel right ending the year without thanking you. Whether you're a frequent reader or you just happened to find your way here for the first time today, I appreciate the heck out of you for clicking on my blog. I hope 2018 brings good things for you, too.

gooddyeyoung blue ruin hair dye

goodDYEyoung Review- One of my most popular posts of all time. This is some of my absolute favorite hair dye on the market.

vinyl record collection

Easy Ways to Discover New Music- i.e. my obsession.

vinyl test presses

5 Reasons to Collect Vinyl Records- i.e. my other obsession.

beech hill preserve

Beech Hill-  The first time that we checked out one of the most beautiful spots around.

baxter state park

Baxter State Park- For my birthday, we headed into the wilderness.

fall at acadia national park

What to Know Before Moving to Maine- I had about a hundred people ask, so I answered the best I could!

quoddy head state park

Quoddy Head State Park- We journeyed to the edge of the earth...well, to the edge of Maine. And it was gorgeous.

big jim prospect harbor maine

Schoodic Peninsula- We explored the often-forgotten portion of Acadia National Park.

belfast maine bagel cafe

Comfort Zones + Statement Sleeves- This post is special to me because it's my first style post. After wanting to get into this for years, I finally did it!

gardens aglow coastal maine botanical gardens

Gardens Aglow- Bokeh porn! The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens puts on the prettiest light show in the state.

maine lifestyle blog

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  1. Great post :) I enjoyed browsing through your "old" travel posts!


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