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Friday, December 1, 2017

DIY Kitschy Christmas Wreath

kitschy christmas decor

It's finally December! Which means that society finally deems my Christmas spirit acceptable, so today I'm going to share my latest Christmas crafty creation with you. Full disclosure, I don't do many crafty things these days, but this year I was determined to make this pink, kitschy eyesore. Do I personally think it's an eyesore? Heck no, I think it's adorable and fun. But I know tacky pink wreaths aren't everyone's thing, thus it may possibly be an eyesore to some.

Everything for my wreath was purchased at A.C. Moore with the exception of the hot pink feather blob-- which is actually a gift topper that I found at T.J. Maxx a few months ago. It was easy to find items to add to this wreath because I knew I wanted lots of pink and lots of glitter. It's also easy to go overboard when shopping for things to decorate this sort of wreath with, so as a general rule if a single item cost over $4, I didn't buy it. If you use pom poms on your wreath, I definitely recommend buying more than you think you need. Initially I was only going to use one bag of the assorted pink pom poms but I bought a bag of white ones just in case. Good thing I got the white pom poms because I used every last one! I was able to complete this wreath in about 2 hours, so this is a pretty quick little project.

DIY pastel christmas wreath

I placed the larger objects on my wreath first, like the sprigs of holly and the sparkly spiky balls (I guess that's the technical name, right?) I laid them out around the wreath first to get an idea of how they'd look, then I very carefully stuck them in the styrofoam wreath, making sure not to push the long ends out through the other side of the wreath. I kept them mostly in the back of the wreath. Then with hot glue I added the hot pink feather gift topper and the mini Christmas tree. After that I started placing the pom poms and filling in spaces. I just made sure to balance the bigger items in sort of a triangle formation on the wreath.

pastel christmas

The best thing about making a wreath like this is that it doesn't take much planning. You can just fill it with things you like, you don't really have to worry about it looking flawless because the point of it is to be ridiculous. There's no wrong way to make a wreath like this. You can make a wreath like this any way you want-- silver & gold, rainbow, black red & green, whatever! I'm already planning a silver & gold wreath next, and maybe a super goth one. I think kitschy goth Christmas decor sounds pretty darn awesome.

pink christmas decor

What about you, are you into classic Christmas decor or the more tacky the better? What sort of Christmas crafts do you like to make? Tell me in the comments! 
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