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Friday, November 3, 2017

Tofu Pot Pie for a Cozy Night In

vegan tofu pot pie

It's starting to get pretty chilly here, so naturally I've been gravitating towards warm, hearty foods. I've always loved pot pies, but I hardly ever eat them. I had never made one before so I was a little intimated. I'll admit that the crust on my pot pie wasn't beautiful, but it tasted amazing and that's all that matters to me!

vegan tofu pot pie

This tofu pot pie uses Nasoya's Teriyaki TofuBaked tofu-- which means it's already been marinated, baked, and ready to eat. Thanks to the TofuBaked tofu, the prep process was pretty darn quick-- only about 10 minutes. You're probably thinking that the teriyaki flavor and classic pot pie don't really seem like they would go together, but the teriyaki taste in the tofu is very, very subtle and it totally works. The tofu adds protein and texture and the rest of the mixture is so delicious and flavorful. This pot pie is hearty, but not heavy. I didn't feel sluggish after I ate it, and I ate quite a bit!

This is a great vegan spin on a classic comfort food that can be made in under an hour-- it's a winner in my book and I'll definitely be making it more this winter! You can find the full recipe and instructions here.

*This post was sponsored by Nasoya. All opinions are mine!*
2 comments on "Tofu Pot Pie for a Cozy Night In "
  1. Ahh this looks like literal heaven!! Perfect for a cosy night in <3

    1. It was so delicious and easy, I can't beleive I hadn't made it (or something like it) before! 😋


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