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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Maine Day Trip Essentials

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Day trips are kinda my favorite thing ever. I love waking up and getting on the road before sunrise, seeing new things, and having fun with my favorite person (that's my husband, by the way). I also love making playlists for such occasions, but you probably could have figured that out. I've only been living in Maine for 2 years (as of next week) and although I feel like I know my way around this area pretty well, so much of Maine is a total mystery to me-- but I'm on a mission to see as much of it as I can, and that's where day trips come in. Here's what I deem essential to have a successful day trip.

A flexible game plan
Whenever we go on a day trip, we pick one general place to go and a couple must-visit places and a few would-be-nice-to-visit places. Since wherever we're going is within a reasonable driving distance of our house we know that we can always go back if we don't have time for something, that way we don't feel rushed or too disappointed if we don't get to go somewhere. Plus, being flexible can allow you to find interesting things. Before planning a trip, I always check Atlas Obscura and Roadside America to see if I'll be near any cool/weird things.

Comfy & practical clothes
Since our day trips always include outdoor exploring, I make sure to dress for it. I used to wear comfy smock dresses but...wind. Now my typical day trip outfit is a t-shirt, yoga pants/leggings, and Vans sneakers-- but I also bring athletic sneakers with me, or maybe some rain boots depending on the weather/season (spring = mud). Coastal Maine can get pretty chilly year-round, so I also bring a denim jacket with me to keep me warm, but it also can kinda dress up my outfit a little in case I need to look a little less like a sweaty hiker. Speaking of wind, a hair tie or hat is pretty darn useful, too. Don't forget sunglasses!

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A cooler & snacks
If you're roaming the rural areas of Maine, it can be difficult to quickly find food that isn't a bag of Doritos from a gas station. It's especially difficult for me as a vegetarian so we always bring a cooler with us full of food and drinks. My favorite things to bring are squeezable apple sauce/other type of fruit mush, hummus & veggie wraps, and something caffeinated. It's so nice to have options besides chips, plus it can save you money to pack your own food and time if you're on a tight schedule. Don't forget to bring your own reusable water bottles because bottled water is lame.

Cameras, cameras, and more cameras
In case you haven't heard, Maine is kinda gorgeous. We always bring at least 3 cameras with us and we take no less than 500 photos each trip. I'm not saying that you have to take 500 photos, but you want to remember your trip, right? So bring at least one camera.

Screenshots or a map
Depending on your service provider and what part of Maine you're in, cell phone service in Maine can be pretty darn bad or even non-existent. I always screenshot any directional information I may need before I leave the house, but of course you could also use a map. I've heard some people still use those.

Cash, park passes, & passport
We always bring at least $30 in cash with us because some places don't accept cards (like Pemaquid Point Lighthouse). We also bring along our annual state park pass and annual national park pass because we have a tendency to end up at parks no matter where we go. Now, the passport thing...this is an instance where I've learned from my own mistakes. I've really dragged my feet and haven't gotten mine yet, but next week I'm going to be right on the border-- I'd love to pop over to Canada, but I can't and now I'm annoyed with myself. My point is, since we're neighbors with Canada you may find yourself in a position to unexpectedly visit, so why not bring a passport just in case?

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Where's your favorite place to day trip to? Tell me in the comments!
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  1. I looooove day trips! We've gone to Dallas and San Antonio quite a few times, just for fun. I feel like it's such a nice treat once in a while. Just get in your car and explore! I definitely agree with these essentials. Comfy clothes are an absolute must, especially if you're sitting in the car for a more than a couple of hours.

    Ashlynn | The Crimson Cardigan


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