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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Little Wedding Memories

camden maine wedding

Spencer and I have been married for 9 months now but our wedding day is such a blur. I remember the planning and running around like a headless chicken, but the day itself went by so quickly. Since I'm having trouble remembering our wedding day so soon, I decided that I needed to surround myself with more reminders which is why I teamed up with Printiki, a photo printing service, for this post.

camden maine wedding

While our wedding day was a blur, I still remember many of the high points very clearly. A few for example:
  • We got ready together. Which I guess isn't traditional because it's "unlucky" but we're not superstitious and I talk to Spencer every single morning while I'm getting ready. It also doesn't sound that exciting, but I would have been even more anxious if Spencer wasn't there with me.
  • The weather was perfect. We had been biting our nails the whole week leading up to our wedding because rain was in the forecast and we were having an outdoor wedding. We had a backup location, but it was plan B for a reason! When the day came, the sky was clear and it wasn't too hot or too chilly. 
  • We got take-out Thai for dinner. On our wedding night we stayed at a local B&B, where we stayed the first time we visited Maine together, watched Parks & Recreation, and got take-out Pad Thai from my favorite restaurant. Also, the innkeeper so nicely gave us a free bottle of champagne. So basically, an ideal night in. 

camden maine wedding

While I love my wedding album, it unfortunately just gathers dust on my coffee table. I rarely sit down and flip through all the hundreds of photos. Also, the rental home we currently live in is a bit too small for us and the layout is awkward, so we don't have nearly as much space as we need or would like. I have so many framed photos sitting in boxes because there just isn't room for them. That's why I love these prints, they're small and easy to display strung up on the wall or even stuck to the fridge. I can put them anywhere in my house and always have little reminders all around me of our fantastic wedding day.

You can use the code "BYDV3C6Y" for free shipping on your Printiki order! 

*This post was sponsored by Printiki. All opinions stated here are mine. All wedding photos were taken by Wylde Photography.*
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