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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Review: March Ipsy Glam Bag

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Ipsy Très Jolie Glam Bag

I was so excited by the Ipsy Très Jolie Glam Bag when it was revealed, especially because I love the new design of the bag itself. This bag is one that I may actually use again, it's so cute! After finding some Glam Bag spoilers on Hello Subscription, I had high hopes for mine. However, I was only excited about 2 out of 5 products in this bag-- keep reading to find out which products I loved!

Ipsy Très Jolie Glam Bag
  1. Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Rosé by Tarte, $20- I know this product comes in lots of different colors, but Ipsy sent the absolute best color for me. It's the perfect shade and it dries super quickly. I'm certainly going to be buying a full size. 
  2. Blush & Glow by So Susan, $22.95- This blush is a pretty color, but I prefer matte blushes over shimmery blushes, and this is very shimmery. 
  3. Affinitic Snail Cream by Ladykin, $22- Yeah, you may have guessed that this has actual snail secretion in it. 80% of this product is snail slime. Though I've heard snail slime can be very beneficial for skin, I just didn't feel right about using this, so I didn't. A quick Google search will tell you how the snails' secretion is harvested. I gave this stuff a sniff out of curiosity and it smelled almost exactly how I imagined snail slime would smell--- it's not a smell I would want on my face. I will say that the packaging is super cute, though. I mean, it has to be to effectively market snail slime, right?
  4. Eyeshadow in Goddess Gold from INT Cosmetics, $4- This eyeshadow is very similar in color to the Manna Kadar 3-in-1 Eyeshadow that was sent to me in my first Glam Bag, but the color is just slightly more gold. Usually I would be a little disappointed about receiving such similar products but I love my Manna Kadar eyeshadow, so having another one that is so similar isn't a bad thing!
  5. Eye Define Retractable Crayon Liner in Black by ModelCo, $14- I think the name says it all. It's a retractable black eyeliner. It's fine, but I didn't find anything too special about this product and I can't even tell you how many black crayon liners I have rolling around in my drawer. 
Ipsy Très Jolie Glam Bag

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1 comment on "Review: March Ipsy Glam Bag"
  1. Nope. No snail slime on my face, thanks. Such a strange beauty product. I've wanted to try out the Tarteist Lip Paints, but haven't yet. I do love Tarte though. The bag is really cute - I haven't seen a really cute bag from Ipsy in a while.
    Ashlynn, The Crimson Cardigan


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