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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Review: November Birchbox

This post contains affiliate links meaning if you click and/or make a purchase with one of those links, I make a few cents at no additional cost to you. Thanks for supporting Poppyseeder!

First and foremost, can we appreciate this beautifully designed box? Yes? Okay, let's move on. I was very excited to receive this month's Birchbox, especially after the September and October boxes were a bit underwhelming. I spoiled the surprise and peeked at my items online before they arrived and sighed in relief because, finally, I was confident that I would love the products I was being sent. Scroll on to find out if I was right!

  1. Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain, $25- Each month Birchbox allows you to choose from 3 products, and I chose this product over an eyebrow pencil and a blush/highlighter duo. It adapts and changes colors to compliment your skin tone, which is pretty cool. The product itself was a peachy color, but when I put it on it turned more of a light rosy-bubblegum pink. While it's a cool idea, looks pretty, and smells great, I don't think this is a product I would purchase. The color was very sheer and I just wasn't as pleased with it as I thought I would be. I sort of regret not choosing the blush/highlighter duo. But if you like sheer, multi-purpose cosmetics, go for it!
  2. Marcelle New-Age LumiPOWER 3-in-1 Moisturizer, $26-  I used this moisturizer day and night till it was gone and didn't notice any differences in my skin. From my experience with it, it's not any better than a moisturizer you could find at the drugstore. It's not bad, just not special, certainly not special enough for me to drop $26 for a full size bottle. 
  3. R+Co ANALOG Cleansing Foam Conditioner, $29- I've been conditioner-only washing (or co-washing) for a while to help preserve my color. I've been using my Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask almost everyday to co-wash, even though it isn't technically a cleansing conditioner, and it's been getting the job done well but usually I have to shampoo my hair after 2 days. I used this product on day 4? 5? Who knows. It had been quite a while since my last shampoo. I got in the shower as a super-greaseball, and I was expecting my hair to still be really greasy when I got out.I didn't put any other products in my hair, just this one. Holy wow, my hair felt like it was freshly shampooed. So light, no grease, and a subtle, pleasant scent. This product does cost a bit more than I like to spend on a single hair product, but it might be worth it, especially if I'm going to keep my colorful hair around for a while. I love this stuff. 
  4. JUARA Candlenut Body Creme, $35- This stuff smells so good, clean and not overpowering, and is very moisturizing. However, the sample was so small that I can't say much else.
  5. Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel, $24- I was so excited to receive this! I feel like Benefit is synonymous with good lookin' brows. I've also used their Goof Proof Brow Pencil and loved it (but unfortunately it was also a free sample sent to me and the color was way too dark for me--I looked ridiculous). I was afraid the color Birchbox sent me would also be too dark, even though it is the lightest color available. My brows are naturally platinum blonde, almost white, so when I don't fill them in they're basically invisible. I first used product by itself on a no-makeup day and it wasn't too dark at all, it still looked natural. Then I tried it out on top of my eyebrow pencil to further define my brows and keep the hairs in place. I would definitely buy this. 

Have you ever used these products? Have any similar products to recommend? Want to sign up for Birchbox? 
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  1. I used to subscribe to Birchbox for about a year but then ended up having SO many samples to go through. I'm pretty much out of them now so I may need to re-subscribe again :)


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