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Monday, November 21, 2016

Decked the Halls

(Firefly lights, Bambi deer decorations. Trees, cross stitch decoration, and  Kringle Family Tree Farm sign found at Home Goods. Similar "Home Sweet Home" poster can be found here.)
Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday ever. If you ask my family and friends, they will tell you I'm a little crazy when it comes to Christmas. I would be quite happy if the world was in a perpetual Christmastime but since that's unlikely, I'm just going to continue to freak out when it is actually Christmastime.

For the past few years I've been putting up my (artificial) tree the day after Thanksgiving, or sometimes on Thanksgiving after dinner, but this year we put it up a week before Thanksgiving because why not? Who says it's too early? I like to enjoy my tree for as long as possible, which is one reason why I have an artificial tree. The other reason is because of my furchildren and their endless mission to kill any sort of plant that enters the threshold of our home. I truly miss the look and smell of real trees, but it would be a disaster if we had one.

Last year Spencer humored me and we got a pink artificial tree. I can't tell you how many snide remarks we got about it. "You live in Maine, why do you have a fake tree? A pink fake tree?" I ignored the comments as I sipped my hot cider and admired my adorable tree.

Rose quartz tea light holder and snow globe were both found at Home Goods. 

I love traditional red and green Christmas decorations, especially colonial-type ones since I grew up in Williamsburg, Virginia (as in Colonial Williamsburg) but lately I've been loving bright and pastel colors and lots of glitter, especially because my house is all beige and boring.
Also found at Home Goods, of course.
But a little beige is still okay.

We decorated for Christmas on a whim and broke out what boxes we could find. We're still missing a box of ornaments, which I'm a little bummed about since I attach so much sentiment to each one, but I'm sure we'll find it soon. We also discovered that the box our L.L. Bean needlepoint stockings were in was damaged during the move to this house, so the stockings are currently being dry cleaned and will soon be hanging from the mantle, nice and clean.

We replaced the usual coffee table books with Jan Brett's Christmas Treasury and the I Spy Christmas book. I've loved Jan Brett's books my whole life, especially the stories included in this collection. My mom gave me this book in 2000 and I still love the stories and beautiful illustrations as an adult. Same goes for the I Spy book-- though I have it mostly memorized and can find many of the items in the pictures immediately, I still love the (quick) search.

Kai, of course, is thrilled because under the tree is his favorite hiding spot.
2 comments on "Decked the Halls"
  1. So many adorable things!! I can't cope, I love the snow globe, the Christmas tree decorations, THE PINK TREE <3 Your cat is beautiful too.
    Wonderful post :3

    Y x | The Sweet Seven Five

  2. Girl, YES! I LOOOOOOOVE Christmas and drive everybody crazy with how excited I get. I loved all these photos, your decor is adorable and totally my tastes.


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