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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Our Wedding Style

photo by Wylde Photography
Here's a secret: I bought my wedding dress two months before Spencer (officially) proposed. I had been eyeing it for quite some time and I wanted to get it in case it sold out. I mean, I knew Spencer was going to propose soon so I didn't jump the gun that much! I was being proactive, that's all.
photo by Wylde Photography
Here's another secret: instead of wearing a slip under my dress, I wore some $3 white bike shorts from Forever 21. It wasn't very sexy, but it was cheap and nobody saw my butt. That's all that matters! To go along with my wedding dress and bike short ensemble, I wore some teal-ish shoes from Chelsea Crew via ModCloth. I forgot accessories, like a sash/belt and jewelry. In hindsight, I wish I had remembered those things to finish my look, but I still loved my outfit.
photo by Wylde Photography
I'm voting for Spencer for "best dressed" at our wedding, though. He picked out a great plaid oxford shirt from L.L. Bean's Signature line and I convinced him to do some power clashing and pair it with a ditsy floral print tie from J. Crew Factory. He managed to find some great khaki Levi's at T.J. Maxx for only $17 (#Maxxinista), wore some awesome socks from Stance and the cutest boutonniere I've ever seen. I think the crown jewel of his outfit was his waxed canvas Bean Boots. They were sold out *forever* and we couldn't find them at our local outlet or the Freeport outlet. After a month of checking the site every day to see if they were back in stock, Spencer was finally able to pre-order them and they arrived 2 months later.

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  1. The lace on your dress is such a beautiful pattern/design. I love it! Sometimes you don't have to remember the jewelry or a sash to dress things up because I think you look just lovely in the dress! (:

    Single Vegas Girl


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