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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Review: Arctic Fox Hair Color

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arctic fox hair color

The first time I dyed my hair a "fantasy color" I used Kool-Aid. Oh, boy that was a bad idea. I'm not saying it's a bad idea for everyone, but I had no idea what I was doing. My mom wouldn't let me dye my hair blue and I was 14 and jobless, therefore I had no money of my own to sneakily buy hair dye with. I read a how-to article online, found some Kool-Aid mix in my pantry, and 8 hours later my hair was blue-ish. At the time I thought it looked amazing, but since I did that over my blonde hair I guess I would describe the color as..."dishwater blonde." It eventually faded to a silvery color, which I hated, but I suppose nowadays it would have been on trend.

Here I am 10 years later and my desire to have colorful hair hasn't gone away. Last year I had my hair dyed blue for a while but I decided to go back to blonde and not dye my hair again till after my wedding. But man, I was itchin' to do this. My old half-used bottles of blue dye were calling my name, taunting me!

In the past I've used Manic Panic's Amplified formula, Special Effects, and Splat but I decided to try out Arctic Fox since I've been seeing it everywhere for quite a while. I love that Arctic Fox dyes are vegan, cruelty free, and non-GMO, plus they donate 15% of their profits to help prevent animal abuse.

arctic fox hair color, hot topic

 I didn't buy it directly from their site, I bought my dye from Hot Topic because I'm all about racking up points for their rewards program. Unfortunately Hot Topic currently only sells the 4oz bottles, except the Arctic Mist diluter, which they sell in the 8oz bottle, and the dye is more expensive than if you were to purchase it directly from Arctic Fox. But I was at the store and wanted to dye my hair ASAP, so why not? I purchased the colors Poseidon and Phantom Green.

arctic fox hair color
A quick swatch on a paper towel-- Poseidon and Phantom Green.

In the store, when standing next to the shelf with all the dye, all I could smell was grape. A similar scent to grape Kool Aid, funny enough. I thought maybe the bottles didn't have quality seals, but they do. This dye is just very fragrant!  I'm not in love with grape scent, but it could definitely be worse and I don't mind it.

I chose to dye over my unbleached hair because, to put it plainly, bleaching sucks. Also, my hair was already very light and I wasn't planning on diluting the dark colors I chose. When rinsing it out, I noticed it didn't stain nearly as much as some other dyes I have used in the past. My hands weren't stained at all (except my nails) but the back of my neck was stained. That's nothing compared to the staining I've dealt with in the past!

However, I didn't actually shampoo my hair for 5 days after I dyed it. I just rinsed it with cold water and conditioned it a couple times. Because of that, I noticed my hair would still stain a little. If I ran my fingers through my hair a lot, my finger-crotches would be stained. My clear phone case also became stained blue around the edges. I also noticed that when I flat-ironed my hair (I know, it's bad) then ran my fingers through my hair. the color would be on my hands. That isn't unusual, but I didn't have that problem with other dyes.

arctic fox hair color
via my Instagram 

Since I didn't dilute the dye at all, I went through the entire 4oz bottle of Poseidon in one go with nothing left over for touch ups. My hair is very fine and is about bra-strap length, so I wasn't expecting to have to use as much dye as I did. But now I know to purchase more for next time.

arctic fox hair color
Fading 2 weeks in
I noticed that the parts of my hair that I had lightened in the past were the first parts to fade, and I had heard a couple people who used this dye say the same thing. But the color was still pretty as it faded, unlike other dyes I had used that turned my hair a grayish-green color.

arctic fox hair color

Overall, I'm very happy with this product and I think it's going to by my new go-to hair color. The price is reasonable, it's vegan and cruelty-free, it's available from numerous retailers, the colors are beautiful, and it fades well.

Psst...check out my review of goodDYEyoung hair color! (Spoiler alert: I like it better than Arctic Fox)

*Disclaimer: I am not a hairstylist nor have I ever had any professional training. I'm just a girl who likes to mess with her hair. Remember that everyone's hair is different and you may not have the same experiences that I did with this dye.*
6 comments on "Review: Arctic Fox Hair Color"
  1. Ahhh you have total mermaid hair! It's so beautiful, I especially love how you layered the blue and green tones :D lovely review and I love your makeup look in the fourth picture, it exudes vintage glamour! xx

    P.S I wondered, do you like Too Faced? I am giving away the Grande Cafe Gingerbread palette on my blog - I wondered if you’d be interested! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

  2. Aww man, your hair colour is beautiful :) I really miss my blue hair but I'm not allowed for work :'( xx
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  3. Replies
    1. After about a month and a half it had faded quite a lot, so I stripped it out and used a different brand. I had also been washing it in warmer water, which definitely sped up the fading. The longevity of the color depends on so many things, but I've personally had better luck with goodDYEyoung.

    2. Have you used Pravana in the past? I've been researching Arctic Fox to touch up my Pravana color. If so, did you notice fading and transfer of color was better or worse with either? My Pravana color transfers like crazy. I could rub my hair for the first week and my hands were completely colored.

    3. I haven't ever used Pravana, sorry!


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