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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Something is different

You may have noticed something is a little different about my blog. You would be correct! Under the cover of night, Bulleting transformed into POPPYSEEDER. I am very excited for this new name and new start for my blog.

It may not be a new-new start, but I felt constrained by Bulleting. I started the blog to be nothing but bullet point lists, and although I still make bullet point lists, I also like writing paragraphs! I hadn't been happy with the name Bulleting for a while, so I decided to make the switch.

I hope you'll stick around. I have some great things in the works!
1 comment on "Something is different"
  1. The new name is super cute!
    I know how you feel about feeling restricted because of the name. My blogs first name was Jeanita's Beauty Blog, original and creative right?! 😂 I changed it to JeanitaMeow almost a year ago now. It fits me a lot better and doesn't restrict anything I may want to post about!


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