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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Celebrating Women's Friendship Day

The third Sunday of September (hey, that's today!) is Women's Friendship day so today I wanted acknowledge my friendship with a wonderful human named Sarah.

I first met Sarah in 2008 when we both attended the local visual & performing arts high school. We were in the same studio arts class and had a friendly acquaintance-type relationship for a while mostly because she intimidated me to pieces. She was so funny, friendly, pretty, played guitar in the school's jazz band, did ballet, and was an amazing artist. Back then I was also automatically intimidated by anyone older than I was. I was a junior and I thought Sarah was a senior. As the school year went on, we talked more, I found out she was only a wee freshman, and I finally got over being intimidated by her and we quickly became great friends.

Sarah is truly one of the most wonderful people I have never known and I value her friendship more than I can express. She is such a thoughtful, deep thinker and gives practical advice that I can actually apply to whatever situation I need help with.

As I mentioned, she is an amazing artist, especially when it comes to portraits. I am always in awe of her drawings and paintings, even the silly doodles she has drawn for me over the years.

She is an extremely determined person. She moved to Chicago to improve as a dancer and she is doing just that. When she isn't in dance classes, she works at a ballet academy.

She is easily the funniest person I know. Everything she says makes me giggle, or rather, die of laughter. Nothing is ever dull with Sarah.

It is hard being so far away from my best friend, I'm in Maine and she's in Illinois, but thankfully technology allows us to remain as close as ever.

I wrote this post a while in advance but as it would happen, Sarah is in Maine right now visiting for the first time, which I will post about soon! 😉
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