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Thursday, May 19, 2016

What I learned from wearing a Fitbit for a month

Spencer, my fiancĂ©, had been talking about how great his Fitbit was for months before I finally gave in and got one. I got the Charge HR in black (but it's also available in teal and pink and oh my goodness, they're cute). I was hesitant because I hate wearing things on my wrist and I can barely remember to put my engagement ring on, how was I supposed to remember to put a Fitbit on? 

The first time I opened the app I saw that Fitbit had set daily goals. The ones I paid the most attention to were:
  • 10,000 steps per day
  • 250 steps per hour (from 9am to 5pm)
  • 5 miles a day
  • climb 10 flights of stairs a day

I scoffed. That all seemed so easy. 


Within the first 4 days I realized how few steps I regularly took each day. I wasn't even getting close to 10,000 steps. So I challenged Spencer to Fitbit's Weekend Warrior challenge and won with 26,468 steps. I really had to work to beat Spencer. I was running in place, dancing around the room while carrying on a conversation, and running up and down the stairs as much as I could. And it hurt. Muscles in my feet and legs that had never been sore before were suddenly so sore that it hurt to stand. I was sore for days.
Not only was I sore, this thing had sucked me in. I was checking my stats every 20 minutes.

Meeting Fitbit's daily goals was getting easier at this point, but if I surpassed them it wasn't by much. My legs were still a tiny bit sore pretty much all the time. I was still jogging in place any chance I got, like when I was outside with Theo waiting for him to do his business.
I also started searching for more sports bras that I could wear under my everyday clothes because man, I must have looked really weird while I was walking my dog, jogging in place, and holding my boobs.

I was getting determined to surpass all of Fitbit's daily goals and to beat Spencer at the Weekend Warrior and Workweek Hustle challenges. I was surpassing Fitbit's daily step goals by about 3,000 steps and averaging 18 flights of stairs a day.
I was starting to notice that my legs and glutes looked more toned. I was likin' the results from 13,000 steps a day.

Before I started using my Fitbit I could sit at my computer for a couple hours without getting up but by this point, I was getting up every 20 minutes or so. If I was in the basement and I needed something from my room two flights up, I didn't think "eh, I'll get it later," I got my butt up to go get it. I just couldn't stay sitting for too long.

So, my takeaway...

  • Man, I was out of shape.
    • I'm not saying I'm necessarily in shape now, but I'm certainly working on it.
  • I feel so much better now than I did a few weeks ago, not as sluggish.
  • I feel more productive. Even though usually when I'm sitting at my computer for hours on end, I'm working and being productive in that aspect, but reaching and surpassing my step goals makes me feel productive regarding my health (and again, I feel less sluggish, making me feel more energized and productive for other tasks!)
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  1. Good to know! That's how they get most people though, with the competition aspect. I know so many people who are hooked on competing with friends and such. It'll all be for the greater good though. (:

    Single Vegas Girl


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