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Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Wedding Registry Essentials

No shade to my beloved IKEA, but it's time for some upgrades. I moved out of my parent's house when I was 18 so IKEA has been my savior since then. But look at me now, I'm almost 24 and I'm getting married soon. Spencer and I have been living together for a while and although we have almost all the essentials, most of them are leftover cheap essentials from our college years.

My initial plan was to have an Etsy registry, a Bed Bath & Beyond registry, and a Pottery Barn registry. Managing three registries was a pain in the butt and I knew it would be confusing for others, too. Instead, we're using Zola for our wedding registry, which I was kind of iffy about at first since I hadn't really heard of it before. But oh man, I love it. Not only did I get a $25 credit from the site that referred me, their selection is incredible and I can add items from other sites. Plus, I was able to add a group gift that lets people contribute whatever amount they want to a house down payment fund for us. 

The most important items on my registry are:
  1. Yeah, you guessed it. A KitchenAid stand mixer. My favorite colors are Bay Leaf, Boysenberry, Pistachio, and Pink. Spencer and I agreed on Bay Leaf. 
  2. Pyrex everything! Pyrex bakeware, mixing bowls, storage.
  3. Plates! While I have a set of beautiful hand-painted Polish pottery, I reserve that for special occasions. My "everyday plates" are scratched and are pretty hideous. I love Royal Doulton's Colours place settingSpencer and I agreed on the green set, though I love all the colors. 
And a couple frivolous things I didn't add to the registry because I knew people would roll their eyes at them:
  1. This cute little turtle trinket box.
  2. A resin faux-taxidermy deer head.
  3. The cutest ring holder I've ever seen. 
If you click this link and create a Zola registry, you'll get a $50 store credit! So buy yourself the adorable turtle trinket box.

Planning a wedding? Want registry ideas? Lurk mine.

Our Zola Wedding Registry

What are you wedding registry essentials? Which registry did you use, or plan to use? 
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