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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Favorites: apps

I got my first iPhone not even a year ago. Before that I was still using a flip phone and a Samsung Galaxy S, which is basically a mini-tablet and I think is about the size of the iPhone 6s Plus. I'm sure you can assume it was a pain in the butt to always be carrying around and switching between two devices. I was always pretty against getting an iPhone, probably because it seemed to me that when people got smartphones they forgot their manners and could never have a conversation with you without texting someone else at the same time. I hated that. I still do.
However, I feel like I caught up with the world when I got my iPhone and it has proved to be more helpful to my life than I expected it to me. I guess I'm a believer now.

Some of my favorite apps happen to be:

Spencer can't sleep without some sort of white noise or relaxation mix, so we use TaoMix to customize what we fall asleep to. If you get the free version you can add up to 3 different sounds to your mix. If you get the paid version ($1.99) you can add unlimited sounds and you get more sound options. Of course, if you make a mix you love you can name it and save it to use over and over.

I have many photo editing apps on my phone, but Afterlight is the only one I use. It costs 99 cents and has many in-app purchases available to get more filters and effects, but I do fine with just the basics. Afterlight makes it so easy to get my photos just right.

Period Tracker Lite
This is the free version and I’ve been using this app for years to track my menstrual cycle. You can back your data up, which is a real lifesaver if you switch between phones with different operating systems. You can track your symptoms throughout the month, helping you learn more about your cycle. You can also password protect this app. Since this is just an app and everyone is different, it may not always get your period starting days or your ovulation days correctly-- don’t rely on it and continue to practice safe sex.

If you’re already Influenster-ing, you probably already know and love this app. If not, what are you waiting for? The barcode scanner helps you quickly review items or you can scan items as you shop and read reviews from others. As you review more items and become more engaged in the Influenster community, you can qualify for a VoxBox-- a box full of free products they think you’d love. That’s not so bad, is it?

Target Cartwheel
If you love Target, this app is for you. You add coupon offers to your barcode, and at the end of the transaction the cashier will scan your phone (or you can print your barcode at home) and boom, done. One barcode instead of tons of individual coupons. You can add offers from your phone while you’re shopping or on the website while you’re at home, which I love doing since it helps me plan and compose a better shopping list. So far I've saved over $62 using this app.

What are some apps you can't live without? Tell me in the comments!
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