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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Favorites: IKEA

I love IKEA. I truly do.

I remember the first IKEA catalog I flipped through. I think it was the 2000 or 2001 catalog. My favorite item in it was a blue duvet cover with lime green squiggly lines that reminded me of Nickelodeon's trademark slime. I was dead set on getting it, especially after I saw it in the background of the Disney Channel movie, Tru Confessions. To celebrate my 10th birthday my mom and grandma were going to take me to the Potomac Mills IKEA (who needs a big party with friends?) but sadly, I had a bit of an unfortunate fall that day and ended up at Urgent Care getting stitches in my knee. I remember sitting in my kitchen while my mom looked at my wound, begging her, "can we please still go to IKEA? I'll go to the doctor tomorrow, I promise! I'll be okay just give me a band aid!" If you had seen the bloody gash on my knee, you would understand how impractical it would be to forego the doctor that day. IKEA love is strong.

As much as I love online shopping, I love the experience of shopping at IKEA. On weekdays. As soon as they open. Definitely not on teacher workdays or holidays. Have you ever been in a nearly-empty IKEA? I highly recommend it. Have you ever had a Bjorn Palmer (lingonberry juice + lemonade)? I highly recommend it. Have you ever had their vegan veggie balls? Well...I don't highly recommend them, but they're still good. One of the things I love about going to IKEA is always making a fun day out of it. I've never lived closer than at least an hour and a half drive away. Since moving to Maine, the closest IKEA is in Stoughton, MA...three hours away. Someday I'll make it down there. In the meantime I'll continue to write letters to IKEA, asking them to please build a store in Maine or New Hampshire.

My first IKEA trip with Spencer...look at us, just kids.

And now, I give you my tried and true IKEA favorites:
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