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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

DIY: Save the Dates

Let me say before I begin: this is a DIY for lazy people. Okay, let's continue. 

I'm having a very small wedding and to be honest, I just don't want to spend $100+ on a very small amount of save the date cards. The save the dates that I created are certainly not Etsy-worthy in my opinion, but they'll do and hopefully they will help get the message across that my wedding is going to be casual, low-key, informal, and non-traditional. Well, they might not say all that, but hopefully my wedding website does.

Now, since I am being extremely indecisive, I may not send this out. In two days I might decide that I hate these, get frustrated, and just spend $100+. Or maybe I'll just change the font. We'll see. But anyway.

Here is my sample save the date, it differs from the real one because 
  • I'm not getting married on July 30th. That's actually my birthday.
  • I'm not getting married in Portland.
So here's a brief description of how I made mine:
  • I downloaded a free trial of Photoshop, since the version I have is CS2...and the computer it's on is basically a fossil 
  • I downloaded this font 
  • I searched for a calendar of my wedding month instead of making my own calendar because that was proving to be too complicated. I couldn't get the spacing right. Please remind me to sign up for a Photoshop class
  • I searched for a "black handwritten circle" and used this one, but only used the one on the left
Basically I used the magic of layers and re-sized some stuff and boom, save the dates complete! After about an hour of playing around with it. Remember to save it as a high quality JPEG.

I plan on printing it on some heavier cream paper and mailing 'em out. The cream paper is about $20, I'll need to get some nice envelopes (but I think I may have some somewhere around here), and of course some stamps. I'm not using a calligrapher and lord knows I am completely incapable of doing that myself, so my guests will have to deal with my normal handwriting. I may print some address label stickers and I may order some for myself since I'm currently using freebie ones from various nonprofits. I'm guessing this will cost a maximum of $60. 

They're simple and probably not as formal as some of my family would like (who cares) but they get the message across. Who, what, when, and  (vaguely) where. They already know the why. I mean...just look at him. I love that guy.

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