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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Wedding plans

As you may recall, I'm recently-ish engaged. I've never been too into the idea of getting married. My childhood fantasies were mainly focused on becoming a rock star or the next J.K. Rowling.

How I pictured my future wedding- elementary school edition:
  • groom: Lance Bass (of NSync) 
  • place: city hall
  • other details: um...none, really
How I pictured my future wedding- middle school edition: 
  • groom: Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day)
  • place: city hall
  • other details: again, none
How I pictured my future wedding: high school edition:
  • I didn't
How I pictured my future wedding: college years edition:
  • I didn't

But here I am, engaged and having a wedding at a venue that isn't city hall. Honestly, I never thought I would be here. But I am. And I'm ecstatic.

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Quick Q&A before I continue:
  • When are you getting married?
    • Not telling.
  • So you have a date set?
    • Maybe, maybe not. 
  • Why won't you disclose that information?
    • I like keeping some things shrouded in mystery. 

Because I like to keep things shrouded in mystery, here's how some conversations with my mother have been going lately.

  • "Are you having actual guests?"
  • "I'm thinking a cemetery in Bangor near Stephen King's house and we'll have a human petting zoo to entertain the 500 guests we'll have. And we'll serve Ramen noodles and haggis."

  • "What kind of wedding dress do you like?"
  • "A pantsuit. Not a romper, like a Hillary pantsuit."
  • "For real?" 
  • "Yes. We'll also be playing the Indigo Girls greatest hits."
  • "For real, what kind of dress?"
  • "Think Morticia Addams meets Fergie."

I am difficult.
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