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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Theo turns 1

I can't believe that Theo is already a year old. We adopted him in March from a rescue who got him from a high-kill shelter in Alabama. We had been searching for the perfect pup for a while but each time we would inquire about one we got the same answer--"sorry, they got adopted earlier today."
Spencer contacted the rescue while I was at work and as soon as I got home he asked, "want to go to Ocala to get a puppy?"Um, obviously. So we drove 3 hours to Ocala, met Theo, and boom. We were in love.

Some favorite Theo memories:
  • the drive home from Ocala. He slept on my lap the whole time, mostly with his tongue out. 
  • the time he ran up between Spencer's legs while he was using the bathroom and Spencer accidentally peed on his head. Overshare? Maybe, but it was hilarious. 
  • the time he ate one of my mom's (poisonous) plants, we had to induce vomiting while at the park, and a guy came up and started poking at his vomit with a stick, inspecting everything closely
  • the time he tried to befriend a baby turtle
  • when he met his cousin Hank, a golden retriever, and was very *ahem* friendly with him
  • attempting to teach him how to swim...he wasn't too into it 
  • he would always lay in holes at the dog park. Never dig them, just lay inside them.
  • when a 4 pound puppy tried to beat him up, and he took it like a champ 
  • the time he locked me out of the house...while barefoot, in pajamas, with no phone
  • the trip up from Florida to Maine, he slept the whole time and was much better behaved than I thought he would be
  • the time Spencer was walking him at night, they encountered a moose, Theo froze in fear, and Spencer came running inside with 70 pound Theo slung over his shoulder
  • the first time he experienced snow

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Please spay and neuter your pets and always adopt, never shop.
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