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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Life Lately + Link Love #11

Life Lately + Link Love is a series where I talk about what I've been up to and share posts from the blogging community and from around the internet that I think you'd enjoy. You're always welcome to share what you've been loving lately in the comments. 

belfast maine harborwalk

I promise I'm not going to use this post as yet another opportunity to whine about everything that's going on with the house, but as for life lately...that's about it. My days have been filled with working on the house and slipping out for a few minutes to play Pok√©mon Go (is anyone else still playing?). 

I know I've already mentioned it, but living in Belfast really is absolutely wonderful. I spent the past 2.5 years living at least a 20 minute drive away from everything, but now I can be somewhere in just a couple minutes. I can walk places! I mean, I don't do much walking right now since it's freezing and icy outside, but when it warms up I'll hardly need to use my car at all. It's just so nice, I feel much happier and far less isolated. 

Oh, another new thing is that I'm trying roller derby. Actually, I can hardly skate at all, so right now I'm really just learning how to skate again. I've fallen a lot, gotten a lot of bruises, and bent a fingernail back way too far but I'm learning a lot and I'm quite proud of myself. A year ago, I was way too scared to fall on my butt multiple times in front of strangers. 

  • Yesterday tickets for the 2018 All Roads Music Festival went on sale! The All Roads Music Festival takes place right here in Belfast and features artists of all genres from all over Maine and New England. I'll definitely be there and if you live kinda nearby, I hope you will be, too!
  • Looking for a new YouTuber to watch? I've been loving Caitlin's channel. She's a vegan powerlifter and is definitely inspiring me to get off my butt more often. 
  • If you're ever in Kingston, Ontario and looking for some vegan charcuterie, flatbread, gnocchi, or other delicious things, check out the menu at this restaurant that Dora tried.
  • Fellow Maine blogger Anna reviewed some products from Maine Magic Mud, which is (obviously) a Maine-based company that makes bath products that sound pretty darn nice. 
  • If/when I finally go to Germany and put my years of German classes to good use, I definitely want to stay in this hotel that Laura reviewed-- they focus on sustainability and they're a totally veg*n hotel. 
  • This is pretty freakin' cool-- the Midcoast region of Maine (where I live) made it onto Lonely Planet's list of 10 places you need to see in 2018. We're number 6 on the list! Also on the list is the capital city of my home state-- Richmond, Virginia, and the Space Coast region of Florida, which is a little north of where I lived. It's so cool to see some of my favorite places getting such awesome recognition! 
  • As usual, Kimberly is killin' it. She's one of my favorite style bloggers so please don't sleep on her blog.
  • Lauren articulated some thoughts and feelings about being "the flaky friend" that I've had for, um...years. 
  • A couple weeks ago I picked up the inaugural issue of Moxie Maine, a magazine that shares inspiring stories of women from all over Maine. It's definitely worth the $6 and I can't wait to read future issues. 

What have you been loving lately? Tell me in the comments! 
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