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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hit Reset

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All photos are by Rachel Epperly Photography.

alternative style blog

I bought these pants back in August with the intention of wearing them all through fall and winter. I was so excited about this purchase because these pants are almost exactly the same as some pants that I wanted when I was 14, 11 years ago. I guess my taste in clothing hasn't changed too much in all that time. I was jobless back then and my mom didn't like those pants, therefore I didn't get them. Immediately after purchasing these, I texted my two best friends "just bought the plaid pants from Hot Topic that my mom would never let me get, being an adult is great!"

new england fashion blog

My confidence was at an all-time high when I was a teenager. Sometimes that led me to act like a complete idiot, sometimes it allowed me to feel comfortable sharing some of the worst, most pretentious writing anyone had ever read, but most of all, it led me to opportunities. Opportunities to make new friends, explore new interests without hesitation, and travel around the east coast by myself.

I've briefly mentioned it now and again here, and I have no desire to really get into it, but in my early 20's I lost all that confidence. I was burnt out, miserable, and not at all myself. I didn't enjoy anything anymore and thought that was how the rest of my life would be. I didn't see any point in trying new things, meeting new people, or striving for happiness.

maine style blogger

I am working towards getting that confidence back every single day and that's where blogging comes in. I used to blog about environmental issues-- something I'm still very passionate about and remain engaged in-- but I needed a break from that. It didn't make me happy. You know what makes me happy? Sharing my favorite music, my favorite places, and talking about these awesome pants.

I'm sure any blogger can tell you about the eye rolls, smirks, whispers, and patronizing remarks they have gotten for being a blogger. It happens to me quite frequently and I'm not even one to talk about my blog very openly. I'd be lying if I said it didn't irritate me, but you know what? At least I'm still here. I'm doing something that makes me happy. I'm expanding my horizons and meeting new people. I once again feel confident enough to share my thoughts online and get my photo taken, not only in public, just in general. I don't think any of that is something to smirk at.

maine style

Jacket: Hot Topic (sold out online, similar linked below)
Sweater: Anne Klein (old, similar linked below)
Pants: Hot Topic (sold out online, similar linked below)
Boots: ASOS
Purse: ModCloth (sold out, similar linked below)
Hair color: goodDYEyoung
2 comments on "Hit Reset"
  1. You look great and those pants suit you! I remember wanting a pair of pants like those too when I was about 14. Like you, my Mum wouldn't buy them for me and I would always be spending my pocket money on gig tickets, so I never got a pair.

  2. Love the trousers!

    Rosie |


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