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Monday, November 20, 2017

Maple Brown Sugar Tofu Sticks

vegan breakfast recipe

I'm typically not a sweet breakfast person, or even a breakfast person for that matter, but I think I've found an exception. I've made these maple brown sugar tofu sticks a couple times recently and I think these will be a new regular for relaxing weekends in my house. These are egg-free yet they remind me a lot of French toast. Before making these, I had never thought to incorporate tofu into a breakfast that wasn't tofu scramble.

These are super easy to make. Just grab Nasoya's Organic Extra Firm Tofu, drain it well, cut it into sticks, roll in melted butter, roll in the mixture, and cook 'em. They got crispy in just a couple minutes. I didn't even press the tofu when I made these and they turned out great. The mixture to coat them with is simply brown sugar, corn meal, and corn starch but I added cinnamon the second time I made them, which I highly recommend.

vegetarian breakfast recipe

I didn't expect to like these, but they're pretty darn good! They sure wouldn't be bad as a side dish or dessert if you're into doing breakfast for dinner. You can find the full recipe and instructions here.

*This post was sponsored by Nasoya. All opinions are mine!*
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  1. I had never even considered tofu for breakfast! This sounds really tasty, I love anything with sugar and cinnamon - you can't go wrong.


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