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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Life Lately + Link Love #6

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Life Lately: 

In case you missed it,  I visited Baxter State Park a few days before my actual birthday and I'm already dying to go back. It was so beautiful and so much fun, but we only saw a little bit of the park. We didn't even have time to visit the brand spankin' new Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument-- but we'll fix that soon!

I didn't really make any plans for my actual birthday, so we decided to try out a local trail that we hadn't hiked before. We went to the Richard Hodson Preserve in Camden because it boasts a babbling brook and at the top, a blueberry field with views of nearby mountains and the Penobscot Bay. Long story short, because the blueberry field is part of a working farm, that part of the trail-- the best part of the trail, and the whole reason why we went-- is closed until October. To be fair, there was a sign about halfway through warning that a portion of the trail was closed, but it didn't specify where so we trekked on, hopeful that we'd get to see the beautiful views that we were promised. Nope. It was a bummer, but still good exercise and now we know of a good place to hike when October rolls around. 

We've also been spending tons of time at Fernald's Neck Preserve in Lincolnville, right on Megunticook Lake. The last time that we were there, I got within about 2 inches of a skunk (not on purpose, obviously) and it's a miracle that I didn't get skunked. Actually, I'll give myself some credit-- I bolted. So shoutout to me for running away so quickly. Ha. 

I guess I could summarize all this with "I've been doing a ton of hiking lately." 

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Link Love:

  • First, thanks to the Coastal Mountains Land Trust for managing all the preserves that I've been frequenting this summer. They do great work and the local community is lucky to have them. 
  • While browsing Epoch, a vintage store in Belfast, I came across stacks and stacks of paintings from local artist Hillary White. She has tons of awesome stuff for sale on her Society6 page-- and I love it all. 
  • I recently became acquainted with Rosie's blog, Girl in Awe, and there are so many posts I'd like to link, but for now I'll just share this very important one about Instagram and respecting nature.
  • If you're not following Aloe on Twitter, you're missing out. They provide self-care reminders in a really cute way. They're also currently trying to fund an app through Kickstarter and could use your support-- a donation or even just a share! 
  • Taylor offered some great advice on avoiding tourist traps in Washington D.C. 
  • Vicky made a great list of some vegan & cruelty-free nail polish removers. I remember when I first found out that many nail polish removers contain gelatin. Why??
  • How adorable is Maria in this Elsa Mars inspired look?! Long live bold blue eyeshadow. 
  • Speaking of adorable, I love this outfit of Kimberly's. It looks so cute and comfy!

What posts have you loved lately? Link 'em in the comments!
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  1. Thank you for linking to me! So sweet. I loved seeing your photos from Baxter State Park and Bald Rock Mountain, you're making me pine for the mountains and lakes!

    Rosie @


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