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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Life Lately + Link Love #5

Knight Pond, Northport Maine

Well, it's been a while since I last did one of these. In case the title isn't self-explanatory, this is a series where I ramble about my life and post links to things around the internet that I've been diggin'.

Life Lately:

I've just been taking it easy and trying to relax. I've been taking lots of time for myself, which usually includes sheet masks and playing the Sims, which I'm slightly obsessed with. My anxiety has been pretty bad lately...and for the last 10 I'm really working to get a handle on that. Oh, and I watched GLOW on Netflix. And then I watched it again. I'm not particularly into wrestling, but it has Allison Brie and Kate Nash, and I'm very into them. I really enjoyed the show and highly recommend it.

My 25th birthday is at the end of the month and I was having "oh god, I'm so old!" feelings last month, but now I'm over that and just excited to celebrate. We're planning a trip to Baxter State Park and the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, which I'm very excited about. I've never been that far north in Maine and I've wanted to go for a long time. Unfortunately we won't be hiking Mount Katahdin, the highest mountain in Maine at 5,267 feet, because it takes an estimated 8-10 hours. Ever since I sprained my foot in May, too much hiking has really not been good for me, so we're going to stick to shorter trails.

Other than that, Spencer and I have been spending a ton of time at Knight Pond (pictured above) because Spencer has a new hobby-- model boats. It sounds dorky and boring, and it is, but it's also kinda cool. Spencer has a couple models that are just that, they don't have any mechanical components, then he adds all the mechanical components needed to turn the boats into functioning RC boats. It sounds easy when I put it like that, but he puts a lot of work into it.

I'm 100% an ocean girl over ponds, lakes, and rivers but Knight Pond is beautiful, and the drive there is beautiful. It's very secluded and usually not crowded at all. However, people have bonfires there and leave behind their garbage, broken beer bottles, and cigarette butts. Apparently they can't see the trash cans located 3 feet away from where they sit around the bonfire pit. Usually while Spencer drives his boats around the pond, I gather garbage and throw it away. I wonder if the litterbugs realize that picking up after themselves won't kill them?

That's it for my passive-aggressive rant. has been pretty uneventful, but in a good way.

Beech Hill Preserve, Rockport Maine
Another one from our trip to Beech Hill Preserve

Link Love:

  • Still planning some adventures for later this summer? All National Parks have free admission on August 25th, so why not go? 
  •  Jen recently celebrated a year of blogging and shared what she has learned in the past year. 
  • I feel like this can really come in handy for bloggers, as well as people who sell things online-- check out Ashlynn's tutorial for a DIY, affordable softbox light.
  • Alyse recently went to Alaska and her photos are making me pretty darn jealous. She really got some beautiful photos. Fun fact about me: I was very close to moving to Alaska 6-ish years ago.
  • I absolutely love Robyn's style. I've had my eye on a pair of pants similar to the ones that she's wearing in her post, but I'm not sure if I could pull them off. 
  • Victoria recently celebrated an adoptiversary with her adorable dog, Lulu. Stuff like this gives me alllll the feels. 
  • Shameless self-promotion-- I've added a Ko-Fi button to my blog, which is basically a tip jar. It's the button under my little bio that says "Buy Me a Coffee." I've already received a couple tips and I am still absolutely overwhelmed that people actually enjoy my blog enough to give me some of their hard-earned money. That absolutely blows my mind, makes me feel all the warm fuzzies, and honestly it does inspire me to write more. Knowing that people enjoy my content that much pushes me to keep going. 

Have you read any great posts lately? Link 'em in the comments!
4 comments on "Life Lately + Link Love #5"
  1. Hey there!! Thanks so much for the shout-out! That was a sweet surprise! I enjoy a life update. Great that you are relaxing. I've been embracing that side a lot more myself. That pond looks gorgeous too, I've been very into nature lately, lakes and mountains for some reason. I think I need to get more in touch with it. Thanks for sharing! And again for the link love! XX Jen

  2. Thank you for the link love!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Cheers to the cool July kids :)


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