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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Current Favorites #4

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It's time for me to gush over my favorite new products that I've tried over the past month! Most of the products are hair-related since I am constantly trying new hair products, especially sulfate-free shampoos which are safer for colored hair. I also decided to try out a new micellar water and it has replaced my old go-to. I'm pretty darn pleased with my recent finds. 

lisa frank blush brush, pacifica micellar water, indie hair, nature's gate
  • Lisa Frank x Glamour Dolls Angled Blush Brush, $5- While I do think this brush was very over-hyped (but I totally bought into the hype soooo) I've been using it every day and I love it. It's soft, fluffy, and applies blush well. It's a perfectly fine brush for $5, plus it's super cute.
  • Pacifica Kale Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic, $12- This is the micellar water that I've been searching for. It smells so good and fresh and takes even the cakiest of makeup off with ease. I want to use it all the time, even when I don't have makeup to take off. Pacifica nailed it.
  • Indie Hair Dry Shampoo, $15- I actually won this (and the hairspray) in an Instagram giveaway hosted by Jennifer Broders and Indie Hair, so many thanks to them! I love this dry shampoo because it has a fresh scent that isn't overpowering and keeps my hair feeling fresh between washes. 
  • Indie Hair Hairspray, $18- This hairspray is said to have a strong hold, but I'd say it's more of  a medium hold-- but I like that, because strong hold hairsprays usually give my hair a crunchy texture, and this hairspray doesn't. This hairspray holds my style but not in a stiff, crunchy way. It has a light fruity scent, and again, it's not overpowering.
  • Nature's Gate Shampoo, $4.99- Not any particular formula, in general this shampoo is just great. It's vegan, non-GMO, and sulfate-free. My hair color barely bleeds at all when I use it, which is a very important factor for me. My very favorite shampoo is Pacifica's Super Kale Shampoo ($10) but it isn't sold at any stores near me so I have to order it online or travel quite a bit to get it. The Nature's Gate shampoo is half the price, just as good, and is popping up at more and more stores in my area.
Have you tried any of these? What products have you been loving lately? 
3 comments on "Current Favorites #4"
  1. I haven't used any of these products, but I have had my eye on the Pacifica Micellar water. I love those types of cleansers, and I haven't tried anything from Pacifica yet. Lately, I haven't been wearing anything on my face. I even forgot to tame my brows this past month. Starting off this month with new motivation, haha!
    Ashlynn | The Crimson Cardigan

  2. Oooh! I haven't tired any of these yet! I'm on the hunt for a new dry shampoo. I'll have to give that one a shot. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hey Amanda!! I'm intrigued by the Pacifica micellar water- I currently use the Garnier and really like it but I love playing with products! Never tried he Lisa Frank brush but it definitely looks cute!
    Xx Jen


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