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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Life Lately + Link Love #4

moose near camden maine

Life Lately:

Sooo yeah! A couple weeks ago I had my first confirmed moose sighting. Actually, she came back twice more after the initial sighting. Each time she showed up, she would walk so closely to my house and scare the bejeezus out of me. Not that I was scared of her, but you're never really expecting such a large animal to walk past your window, ya know? Anyway, I'm so happy that I finally saw a moose! To me, seeing an animal in its natural habitat is just the coolest.

Spencer and I have been doing a lot of spring/summer prep and boring business things. (Oh snap, I finally revealed what we've been working on!) It's really nothing worth writing about because I don't think sitting at the auto shop getting our winter tires switched out and filing paperwork is very interesting.

Most recently, I sprained the heck out of my foot and had to make a trip to the ER for the first time in a decade. I didn't even go to the ER after I was in a car accident a couple months ago, so that can tell you how much pain I was in. That injury really put a damper on some plans to go to Acadia but at least my foot isn't broken! It looks like I'll just be hobbling around for a week.

Oh yeah, and my hair is now pastel blue, purple, and pink. I used goodDYEyoung, of course, because it is the best. 

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Link Love: 

  • Summer is approaching and so are vacations! Check out Britt's tips for traveling with dogs. Not only does she provide great advice, she includes a couple photos of her dogs and they are so cute
  • Not too long ago I made a post about podcasts I love, but since posting that I've discovered Fake Goth Girls. I am absolutely obsessed with this podcast. The hosts, Liz and Mia, are so darn relatable and funny. They often discuss the ins and outs of being content creators, so naturally, I find that very interesting and helpful. 
  • Aforementioned Fake Goth Girl, Mia, also recently wrote about how to practice self-care at your work desk
  • Naomi of Teatime With Naomi recently opened an Etsy shop and I'm super into it. Such cuteness!
  • Alex talks Instagram shadowbans, what they are, and how to avoid them (hint: don't use annoying bot services).
  • Spencer and I have been talking about eventually taking a trip to Nova Scotia because why not? It's right there. There's a ferry that goes from Portland, Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia or we could just drive there and also spend some time in New Brunswick. We have no idea when this trip is happening, probably not anytime soon, but I'm still gathering ideas. I've been loving all of Deni's tips and recommendations for exploring Canada. 

Have you read any great posts lately? Link 'em in the comments!
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