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Monday, May 29, 2017

5 Reasons to Collect Vinyl Records

reasons to collect vinyl records

I've received some criticism in the past for collecting vinyl records. Everything from "it's a waste of money, just stream," to "you just wanna hang them on your wall like a hipster, not actually listen to them."(By the way, there's nothing wrong with displaying albums that you love!)  Those people don't get it. I've attempted to collect many things in my life and this is the only thing I've stuck with, there has to be a good reason (or five) for that.

vinyl test presses
Test presses 

1. It's fun!
Whether you love the thrill of the hunt, connecting with other vinyl collectors, or finding colored or rare vinyl-- it's fun! I personally love getting my hands on some pretty colored vinyl, which you probably know if you've been around for a while, and I especially love finding more rare albums. I might get too excited, but I mean, I haven't had to cut up my credit card yet so I think I'm doing alright.

2. Vinyl sounds better.
This isn't pretentious hipster nonsense, it's mostly true. I say 'mostly' because it depends on what equipment you listen with, the condition of the record, and if the record is a reissue (more on that here) but usually vinyl does indeed sound better. Vinyl is in a lossless format, meaning nothing of the recording has been lost like it may be when compressed into MP3 or similar formats, and you'll hear it as it was intended to be heard.

3. Vinyl retains value.
You can't re-sell the MP3 files that you purchase, but you can re-sell your vinyl records! Boom. (Not that I'd ever want to.)

4. It's an active experience.
Flipping through crates at record stores, flipping the record over on the turntable, looking at the album art, reading the credits...collecting vinyl makes you slow down and appreciate the music more, as well as all the work that goes into it. When I listen to my records, it's not as background noise, it's more of an active experience.

5. Support your favorite artists.
If you like what someone does, support their work and thus spread warm fuzzies around the universe.

Oh, and look! I attempted to make a pinnable image for you.

What's your all-time favorite album or band? Tell me in the comments!

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1 comment on "5 Reasons to Collect Vinyl Records"
  1. Collecting vinyl records sounds like a great hobby! I don't see why anyone should ever judge you for it, but I guess people always have to have opinions... My brother-in-law happens to love vinyl records!

    Kim / Simply Lovebirds


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