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Monday, April 24, 2017

Easy Ways to Discover New Music

easy ways to find new music

I've mentioned it before, but I went a little crazy when I first started using iTunes. The only music I knew before then was what was on the radio, what was played at school dances, and what my parents listened to. I loved all of my new discoveries and wanted more, so I began spending hours and hours looking for new music to listen to. Over the past decade I've had tons of people ask me, "how do you find all this music?" I usually replied with, "the internet," and didn't go into detail because I forgot that not everyone spent hours obsessively looking for new music. So, here, I'm finally elaborating. Other than using the Discover feature on Spotify, here's how I've made my favorite music discoveries.

  • Sign up for a account- Next month is actually my 10 year anniversary on This is how I've discovered the majority of my favorite artists. You can link your Spotify or iTunes to it and it "scrobbles" (tracks) the songs you listen to and compiles them into charts. I love keeping track of how many times I've listened to a song or band. Along with the charts, you can find upcoming concert dates, band bios, connect with other fans, and discover new music. So far I've scrobbled over 400,00 tracks!
  • Read the biographies and interviews of your favorite artists- They might mention past projects, side projects, influences, or associated acts. Whatever they mention, go listen!
  • Research record labels- If you like a few different artists that share a record label, go to their website and see who else they have on their label. 
  • Explore Bandcamp- One of my favorite websites, it's mostly for independent artists. Some may offer their music to download for free, but if you have the means to pay them you should, 'cause that's always cool. 
  • Attend small local shows and festivals- Just because they're not widely known doesn't mean they don't deserve to be. These events are usually very affordable, tons of fun, and yay for supporting local artists!
  • And of course, follow music-related websites on social media- This is a no-brainer. Follow them and read their content. One of my personal favorites is The Wild Honey Pie, but there are a ton out there, so go find 'em!

What's your favorite band or artist, and how did you find them? Tell me in the comments!
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