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Monday, March 13, 2017

March VNYL Delivery

vnyl record subscription review

Over the weekend my second VNYL box was delivered and I was initially very underwhelmed by the records I got this month. I've opted for the curators to add a few experiments to my collection instead of sending me only music I already knew and this month, all three records they sent were experiments.

I placed this order on January 28th and didn't receive it until March 11th. This delivery took much longer to arrive because I chose to get a box curated for just me, rather than a pre-selected vibe (theme) like I did last time. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hella impatient, but they have a ton of customers and I would rather them take their time to select music for me rather than just slap something together. I knew what I signed up for, they clearly stated it would take a while, so I can't whine about it.

vnyl record subscription

My box included music from John Vanderslice, The Smith Street Band, and Jasmin Kaset. I used to listen to one song by John Vanderslice years ago, I think the last time was in 2010, and had never heard of Jasmin Kaset or The Smith Street Band.

john vanderslice vinyl

the smith street band vinyl

jasmin kaset vinyl

the smith street band throw me in the river

I think Quiet Machine and Throw Me In The River are tied for favorite from this box. It is clear that the curators spent a good amount of time selecting this music just for me and they did a great job. I was basically unfamiliar with all of them, but they're so similar to bands and artists that I love.
I'm very excited to see what comes next month!

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2 comments on "March VNYL Delivery "
  1. Mind Blown!!

    I had no idea their was a Vinyl monthly subscription box! They have all types of boxes these days. I absolutely love this and now I want to subscribe myself. (Great music choices by the way). The first gift I ever got my boyfriend was a vinyl player and some records so he would love this as a monthly gift. This is one of the coolest boxes I've ever seen. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Amanda, I'm already scoping out the website. xx Shannon

    1. I've seen a couple different vinyl subscriptions out there but (I think) this one is the best value. I was very hesitant to subscribe at first but I'm so glad I did!


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