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Monday, January 30, 2017

First VNYL Delivery

VNYL subscription box

You may have already heard about VNYL, a monthly curated record subscription service. As someone who is always on a mission to beef up my record collection and who loves the surprises of subscription services, I was instantly intrigued. I put off subscribing for months, then found a pretty great deal for it through Groupon, set up my account, and waited not-so-patiently for my first delivery. It made me a little anxious to have a complete stranger pick the newest additions to my record collection.

VNYL subscription box

When filling out your profile for your VNYL account you can link multiple different accounts so the curator can see what you like to listen to, plus there is a space to write in what you really love and really hate. You can also choose how adventurous you want the curator to be when picking albums for you. I chose "lukewarm" just to be on the safe side. Along with that, each month you can choose a different vibe (theme) you'd like.

VYNL record subscription preferences

If you're thinking, "okay but I have a big collection already, what if they send me something I already own??" there's an easy fix for that! Simply make a Discogs account, enter your albums in your collection, and link your Discogs account with your VNYL account. It's super easy, especially with Discogs' app-- you can just scan the barcodes on your records and add them to your collection instantly. That way there will be no duplicates in your collection!

VNYL subscription box

My first delivery arrived within a few weeks and came with a handwritten note, stickers, and coloring page (pictured above). If you color the page in and share it online, you could win a free month subscription. It's what all those adult coloring books have been preparing me for!

VNYL record subscription

The vibe I chose this month was Boys Do Cry so I received Blush by Moose Blood (black vinyl), You're Gonna Miss It All by Modern Baseball (solid yellow vinyl), and The Home Inside My Head by Real Friends (milky with black clouds).These are all albums that I love, songs from these bands have previously been featured on my Music Monday playlists, and were very welcome additions to my collection!

Moose Blood Blush vinyl

Modern Baseball You're Gonna Miss It All vinyl

Real Friends The Home Inside My Head vinyl

I think VNYL is a great idea and I'm looking forward to my next delivery!

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