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Friday, September 30, 2016

Halloween Decor to Die For


No doubt about it, Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday but I love Halloween because it is a wonderful way to kickoff the holiday season. I am all about holiday nostalgia-- I love watching the Charlie Brown and Rankin-Bass holiday specials while sipping on some hot apple cider and decorating the house. I never really decorated my house for Halloween and Thanksgiving besides placing a few pumpkins here and there but I'm going to try to change that this year. I'm feelin' festive! Here are some of my favorite Halloween decorations from some of the cutest corners of the internet.

1. Vintage Reproduction Felt Halloween Garland from Etsy shop RawBoneStudio
Honestly, I love all of the garlands from this shop but this one is the least likely to creep Spencer out. I think it's adorable and it would look great hanging from my mantle, although that could potentially be a fire hazard so...maybe somewhere else. Ha.

2. 4inch Jack the Cat from Annalee
When I was a kid I thought Annalee's products were creepy, but I must say, they're really starting to grow on me. I mean, this little cat is adorable, right?!

3. Transylvania Hand-Embroidered Pillow from Catstudio
I am a sucker for geographic-souvenir type things so naturally this pillow caught my eye.

4. Wednesday's Menagerie print from Etsy shop StupidAnimalShop
This isn't necessarily Halloween-only decor, but I had to include it! I love Wednesday Addams and I love this beautiful print.

5. Party Skeleton Appetizer Plates from Pottery Barn
Cute little partying skeletons. Need I say more?

6. Studio Ghibli inspired glow-in-the-dark Kodama garden/planter figures from Etsy shop TheTallGrass
The garden near my front door is covered in some sort of ivy-type plant (I wish I knew what it was called) and it's very green and lush, with some small boulders scattered here and there-- I feel like it would be a perfect place to hide some Kodama. Any other Studio Ghibli fans out there?!

7. Spider Decanter and Tumblers from Target
Maybe I should invest in an everyday decanter before this one's just so cool!

8. Skeleton Crew Hanging Insect Decoration from Plasticland
These shimmery, honeycomb bugs would look great hanging in a window.

9. Bottlebrush Spiral Tree Set from Pier 1 Imports
 I love that these resemble candy corn and they're spiraled!

10. Moon Paper Lantern from Blue Q
Oh, man this is pretty. And I sure do love paper lanterns, but I learned that when you move as often as I do they're not the most practical thing to have. I don't think I'll be moving anytime soon, so maybe it wouldn't hurt to get this.

How do you like to decorate Halloween? 
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