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Thursday, May 26, 2016

I've been preoccupied

As I mentioned earlier this this month, we are moving out of our current home nestled in the mountains of Western Maine. Not only did this move come about rather suddenly, but we are so eager to just get it all done and over with. Spencer and I are very excited because our new town is just outside Spencer's hometown and it's right on the ocean-- something we've been missing. Not only do we have to pack up our current house and all of our belongings, we have to pack up our new house because there's tons of stuff it in. That sounds a little sketchy, but it's not. The place belongs to some family friends and we struck that deal with them for cheaper rent. It's more work, but it will be worth it.

We've been making trips to our new house a few times a week to pack and clean, which is why I've been a little absent lately. Since I doubt you'd want to read about driving back and forth and packing, here's some little glimpses from our new home.
View of the ocean from our new house...not the best view, but it beats no view at all!

Pro tip: don't wear flats on a rocky beach. Ouch.

Theo made himself at home very quickly. 

We never took Theo to the beach when we lived in Florida, so this was Theo's first ocean experience. Watching him try to walk on the rocky beach was quite entertaining but once he got the hang of it, he started running in circles and splashing around in the shallows. He was more excited than we expected him to be. He continued to run around and all of a sudden...he pooped right there on the beach.

Of course.
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  1. Looks like a wonderful place! Sure you'll be very happy there! And yes I wouldn't wear flats to a rocky beach! :)

  2. Aw this looks such a lovely place! I am very jealous of your new home xx

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