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Friday, April 1, 2016

The prankers and the prankees

Decided to feature this gem of my little sister. How cute is she?
I loved April Fool's Day when I was a kid. Usually I thought of my pranks on the spot, or sometimes I'd see a good one on TV and remember it for later. I never really planned them out, except this one time.

This took place when I was in middle school, I believe. I was shopping at Claire's with my dad and I spotted some prank soap (like this one). The gist of it was that when someone used the soap, dirt would come seeping out of a little hole on the underside. Perfect. I knew exactly who I wanted to nail with that prank: my (now former) stepdad, Rick. I bought the soap and told my mom what it was before putting it in their bathroom. Surprisingly, she was okay with my prank.

April 1st came along and everything worked out exactly how I wanted it to. Rick used the soap while he was getting ready for work and got tons of dirt caught in his beard. It was wonderful. Then he tried to patch up the prank soap, which was stark white, with off-white soap and put it in my bathroom, thinking I'd be that dumb. Yeah, right.


Fast forward a bit, I'm a senior in high school and it's April Fool's Day. I got through the whole school day without anyone pranking me and I was now home, doing homework. It was late, probably 10 or 11pm and I got a call from my friend Hope's sister, Abby. Abby asked me if she could speak to Hope. "Hope isn't here..." "She told me she was at your house."

I got off the phone with Abby and called Hope to ask her what was going on. She said she was at a party a couple towns away and told her sister she was at my house as a cover story. I told Hope I had told Abby that she wasn't at my house. The next thing I know, Abby is calling me again, so I take her call. She says she called the police to find Hope and they were going to come to my house to question me. I started freaking out. I kept thinking "I have nothing to do with this!!" I called Hope and told her to call her sister and tell the truth ASAP. Hope ignored my pleas for the truth.

My parents were asleep upstairs and I didn't want the police to knock on the door and wake them up, so I went outside to wait for them. Within seconds of going outside, the sprinkler system turned on and soaked me super-sulfury water. I was agitated, wet, and smelled like rotten eggs. I moved out of the way of the sprinklers and got a call from Hope. All I heard was laughing. Two people laughing. Yep, Hope and Abby had pranked me. They pranked me good. I told them about the sprinkler and that just made it even better for them. It was so late I had forgotten that it was still April Fool's Day, and that is not a mistake I'll make again.

So I shared my April Fool's Day stories, share yours in the comments!
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