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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mom does Maine

My mom is the coolest. My mom lives in Florida. I live in Maine. Our houses are exactly 1,497 miles (or 2,409 kilometers) apart. After 7 months without seeing each other, my mom finally came to visit me this past week and it was also her first time in Maine (and New Hampshire since I live right on the border), or the New England region for that matter.

The first day we stayed in the area and showed my mom around Fryeburg, the town where I live, and North Conway, New Hampshire which is the next town over where pretty much everything is, since Fryeburg is so tiny. We also drove up in the White Mountain National Forest, but unfortunately couldn't drive up Mount Washington since the weather is still so cold--especially up there!

 The second day, we went to the L.L. Bean flagship store in Freeport. My mom is a fellow L.L. Bean -lover and was freaking out, especially over their wonderful home store. I was freaking out, because I finally saw the "Bootmobile"! I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed about how excited I was about this thing, but I've been trying to get my picture in front of it for years to no avail. I'm a big, L.L. Bean-loving dork. Whatever.

We spent the third day around North Conway again. Mom went a little overboard at our local L.L. Bean outlet and we got pizza at one of our favorite spots, Flatbread Pizza Company. Then we went on a little hike at Diana's Baths, one of my favorite places in the area.

This would have been a great picture of my mom...if only I hadn't forgotten to take my macro lens off. 

Then we headed to one of my favorite towns in Maine, Camden. My mom was drooling over all the adorable houses in Camden and we checked out all the cute stores, including my favorite, Jo Ellen Designs. Then we headed up Mount Battie and showed mom one of my favorite views in Maine. It's prettier in the summer, but still pretty great. 

Mom got this cute 'lil shot of Spencer and I walking down the street in downtown Camden...I think she was just trying to photograph the sign, though.
The next day my mom was starting to feel sick, so we took it easy at my house and my dog, Theo, finally stopped jumping all over her and finally just laid down and cuddled with her. It only took 5 days for Theo to cool his jets. 5 freakin' days.

By the time we dropped my mom off at the airport, she was full-blown sick and miserable. Hopefully that won't deter her from returning to Maine!
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