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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Not only is Mother's Day coming up, but so is my mom's birthday. May is a very good month for my mom, present-wise. Shopping for my mom can be so difficult because when I ask her what she'd like she usually says "tea towels and picture frames" or "books and candles." She won't even specify what kind of book and she is incredibly picky about candles, she either loves them or thinks they smell like cat pee.

Last year I was completely out of ideas. I wandered around Target for hours before an idea finally hit me. I remembered that when I was in Kindergarten I was given the prompt "What are you going to give your mother for Mother's Day?" and I answered "a new bra" and included a drawing of a lacey white bra. My mom and my teacher got a real kick out of that. I texted my sister, "this may be weird, but can you please find out what bra size mom wears?" and 15 minutes later I left Target with a new bra for my mom. 17 years later, I finally delivered! 

If your mom or mother figure is as hard to shop for as mine is, here are a few little ideas for you. Or, ya know, you could get her a new bra. 

Which product is your favorite? 
2 comments on "5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas"
  1. Definitely the insect repellent perfume... I need that for myself haha

  2. I believe that handmade gifts are the best, especially for your mom! These are so sentimental and they actually remind your mom that you will always be a baby for her.

    Personally, I am not planning on celebrating Mother's Day as I am coming from a Russian background and we celebrate International Women's Day instead. But I will definitely consider your smart gift ideas for next year! Thank you!


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