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Friday, March 18, 2016

Theo's 1st adoptiversary

In January, I wrote about my precious pup, Theo, turning 1 year old. But it was 1 year ago today that Spencer & I brought him home.

When I was 17 I started composing a list of dogs names for my future furchildren as well as what breed I wanted them to be.
I was dead set on these names and breeds. I wanted Burl Ives to be my first dog that I adopted as an adult. But when Spencer and I met Theo, I forgot all about that. I forgot all about my name list. He was so clearly a "Theo" and he so clearly needed to come home with us. 

We decided to make Theo's middle name (yes, my animals have middle names and no, it's not weird) Bertram, after my dog that I had for almost 17 years. We found Bert on the side of the road when he was about a month old and after that he and I were inseparable. I miss him every day, but Theo reminds me of him so much.

Here's to many more years of fun with my favorite doofus.

I urge you, if you're thinking of getting a dog (or cat!), please adopt from a shelter or rescue and always spay and neuter your pets.
2 comments on "Theo's 1st adoptiversary"
  1. Oh my goodness! Theo is so cute! He reminds me so much of parent's pup Buck (who is also just about to turn 1 year old and is a black lab and a bit of doofus, haha). I completely agree with you too...I wish more people would adopt from shelters, instead of buying from breeders. I spent a few years volunteering at a local shelter, and there are so many wonderful dogs and cats (and birds and bunnies, you name it) that need loving homes! Great post - and Happy Adoptiversary to Theo! :)


  2. Theo is the cutest. I've got my heart set on a chocolate Labrador (a cross is fine with me) and plan to adopt if possible. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming


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