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Saturday, March 19, 2016


Think about how many social networks you're on. A lot, right? Though I mostly use Twitter, I can't post all my social links in my Twitter bio so it was always a question of "which link do I showcase??" Up until recently, I showcased my organization's Facebook link. Then I heard that a site I had signed up for a couple years ago, but never really used, got a fancy new redesign. is a site to showcase your talents and interests. There are 3 different simple layouts to choose from and you can add your name, current title or whatever you're currently doing, description, interests, work, education, and social links. And geez, they have a lot of social links to choose from. I've never even heard of a lot of them, but if you have 'em, add 'em to your site. 

You can also "spotlight" things. I have the "hire me" spotlight, not because necessarily I want people to hire me, but because clicking that link allows people to email me. My only complaint is that they don't offer a simple "email me" button, but whatevs. They have so many other options besides what is pictured above, so this site is great for people in all fields. 

Unlike LinkedIn, this has no friending or messaging which I love. Does anyone else constantly get messages on LinkedIn from realtors (who may not even live anywhere near you) asking if you want to buy a house from them? is great because there's no social networking to it and it can quickly and easily get a message across to people. As someone who runs two blogs, works for a nonprofit, and sells soap, I must say I love this and it makes things so easy. It's a one stop site. I won't have to continue giving people numerous URLs, just this one.

★ one URL for all of your URLs
no distracting social aspect 
★ minimalist design 
lots of options for customization (besides the layout, there are only 3 which I like, I wasn't overwhelmed by the choices and didn't spend an hour browsing through layouts)

Highly recommended. 
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