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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

10 tips to improve your mood

Let the light in!
I feel so much better when I open all the blinds and curtains in my house. Natural light instantly makes me feel happier and more productive. 

▲ Get some fresh air!
Open the windows in your house, take a walk around the neighborhood, or go to a park. I felt weird at first about going to parks by myself, sitting on a bench, and staring at the ground but it makes me feel so much better. You could also bring your dog with you, I'm sure they'd be happy to join you. Which brings me to my next suggestion...

▲ Hang out with a furry friend!
There have been studies showing that being around animals is good for your mental and psychical health. If you don't have a pet, hang out with a friend's (and hanging out with a friend can make you feel better, too). 

▲ Listen to music!
Happy music or relaxing music, not sad music. No Adele, no early Bright Eyes albums. Spotify has tons of great mood playlists. Play one, even if you don't know any of the songs. You'll feel better and discover new music in the process. 

▲ Rinse it off!
Take a bath or even a shower. I don't take baths too often, but when I do they're awesome. Bath bombs, music, candles, incense...the works.

▲ Stretch it out!
Do some stretches, sit up, squats, go for a jog, whatever. Exercise even just a little bit.

▲ Write it down!
Whatever you're feeling, write it down. If you're upset with someone write a letter to them, but don't necessarily send it. Just writing or typing it out always makes me feel better. 

Get off the internet!
Well, at least get off Facebook. I hate Facebook, but I have to have it for work. Browsing Facebook when I'm already in a bad mood just makes it worse. There's actually been lots of studies about how Facebook makes us feel sad. I guess another thing I could do is clean out my friends list and get rid of everyone who posts things that make me sad/angry. But for an easy, quicker solution, just stay away. 

Put on some tea!
I don't need to explain the benefits of tea, I'm sure you already know. But my favorite kinds of tea to drink when I'm feeling down are peppermint, of course, and honey-lavender from Yogi. Yum.

▲ Get colorful!
Sit down and just paint. Don't necessarily intend to create a masterpiece, just do whatever you want and what comes naturally. I usually just paint swirls, lines, whatever. Adult coloring books are also a great way to take your mind off things! I'm currently working on the Indie Rock Coloring Book

How do you make yourself feel better when you've had a bad day?
3 comments on "10 tips to improve your mood"
  1. Tea makes everything better! 👍

  2. Aw I love the hanging out with a furry friend idea! We don't currently have any pets living with us in our tiny flat, which is very sad, but I dress my little boy up as a furry giraffe and pretend it counts xD lovely tips! I can't wait to read more xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)


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