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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ran Away to Maine

If you have clicked the little blue Tumblr button on the right side of my page, you know that I also blog at Ran Away to Maine. It's a blog I started in August to basically share/dump the pictures I take all around Maine (and sometimes New Hampshire).

Diana's Bath, North Conway New Hampshire
Find it bigger here
I have a personal Tumblr account, but I never post any original content there. Having a Maine-oriented, all-original content Tumblr is kind of weird because
  • the people who follow me on this blog are SO different than the people who follow me on my personal blog. That's not a bad thing, it's just interesting to me. 
  • I have tons of followers who are fans of the band The Maine. I don't think they understand what my blog is about.
  • I have learned that when you type "please don't delete my caption" most people (usually the first reblogger) read that as "please DO delete my caption!!!!" and that bugs me more than it probably should. 
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