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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mad Men Finale

I finally finished watching Mad Men and I have so many questions and concerns.

*Spoilers ahead if you haven't finished watching, proceed with caution*

I loved this scene. So. Much. 

  • So Peggy and Ted are over? I was expecting them to get back together...I was counting on them to get back together.
  • I was also suspecting that maybe Peggy and Peter would suddenly be in love and run off together...nope. 
  • Stan is in love with Peggy? Peggy is in love with Stan?
  • Trudy suddenly takes Peter back? He was an inconsiderate husband from the start and just out of the blue she agrees to run off to Oklahoma with him?
  • Why is Glen Bishop such a creep? 
  • I truly hate that the show left off with Betty dying and no hope on the horizon. So that's it? She is gonna die soon and the kids are gonna go live with William? Does Don put up any more of a fight for custody? Or does he accept it because he knows he's kind of a crappy father?
  • WHAT HAPPENS TO DON? He shows some of the most humanity we've ever seen from him and that's it? Does he stay in California? What happens?!
  • Does Roger go through with marrying Marie? 
  • I was rooting for Roger and Joan during the whole show...and nuthin'. Well, they had a baby, so I guess that's something.
  • I was always rooting for Joan in general, and I like that the show ended with her starting her own business. 
  • What happened to Megan? Just kidding, I was never really that interested in her character. 
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