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Friday, February 19, 2016

First VoxBox! Nutrish Dish dog food

It finally happened.

 I finally got my first Influenster VoxBox.

This one contained a 3.75 lb. bag of the new Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish chicken and brown rice dog food.

Kai was pretty jealous.

Here's how the whole VoxBox thing went for me (to learn more about how Influenster VoxBoxes work, visit their FAQ)
  • I got a survey a couple weeks into Influenster-ing that was obviously about skincare, but my answers didn't qualify me so I didn't get that one. Womp womp.
  • A few weeks ago I got a survey from them about dog food, and I was given the impression that basically I was in, but was never really given a solid answer.
  • I got an email that said something along the lines of "we hear you may be getting a Nutrish Dish VoxBox..." That kind of gave it away. I mean, I'd be let down if I didn't get it after that.
  • A week or two later, I found this box on my front porch. 

I wish I could remember the specific timeline for this, but I can't so...whatcha gonna do.

So my first impression of the food was generally pretty good. 
  • U.S. farm-raised chicken is the first ingredient (but let's be real, "farm-raised" can mean a lot of different things)
  • No corn, wheat, gluten, or soy-- which is great because Theo has a sensitive stomach and all those things certainly don't help
  • No poultry by-product meal, fillers, or artificial flavors, preservatives, colors
  • If you look at the food, it actually has dried pieces of carrots, potatoes, and peas
  • It has "real chicken jerky bits" which kinda look like little petrified meatballs 

We slowly mixed it into Theo's current food and we saw no bad effects from it (yes, I mean poop-wise) which was a nice surprise since as I said, Theo has a sensitive stomach. Obviously Theo liked it because he's a dog and he'll eat almost anything.

I'll tell you what isn't sitting well with me. No where on the bag does it say "made in the USA" or "made in Canada" which is something Spencer and I always look for when buying things for Theo. I went onto the Nutrish Dish website and saw nothing, went to the manufacturer's website (Ainsworth Pet Nutrion) and nothing. It did say something about their plant in Meadville, PA but nowhere did they actually come out and plainly say "made in the USA," which is usually a bragging point for companies, so if they can say it they definitely will. I sent Ainsworth an email asking to clarify if all of their products are made in Meadville or even the USA and I'm waiting to hear back, and when I do I'll update this post with their answer.

Update 2/23/16: I received this reply from Ainsworth today:
"Nearly all of our products are made either here in Meadville, PA or at our other facilities in the US. The only exception would be our Nutrish wet dog and cat food products, which are made in our facilities in Thailand."

So there you have it. This dog food that I got was made in the USA. That makes me feel a lot better about feeding this product to Theo. 

*** I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes and all opinions stated here are mine ***
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