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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dream home: an ice castle

Spencer and I visited the Ice Castle in Lincoln, New Hampshire today.

I've been dying to explore some ice caves for years and if this is as close as I can get for right now...I'll take it. It was pretty impressive and surprisingly there was no fear looming in the back of my mind of being impaled by a giant icicle. 

  • a 10 year old kid actually tried to push Spencer out of their way
  • holy moly, it was bright! I wish I had thought to bring sunglasses.
  • there was a SLIDE made out of ice...which I didn't go on because I wasn't wearing snow pants and that would've been miserable after the initial 6 seconds of fun.
Lincoln is a little over an hour west of here, and we took the beautiful Kancamagus Highway there and back. Besides getting a bit carsick, it was a great little adventure!

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