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Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Favorites

If you had asked me in the past, "What clothing item will you never wear?" I would probably answer "a camo jacket" instantly. However, when I came across this L.L. Bean Explorer Parka at the local outlet, it caught my eye. I eyed it for a few moments then walked away. I came back a few minutes later, picked it up and checked it out. I walked away. I came back a few minutes later and tried it on. I said to Spencer, "I like it. A lot. I didn't expect to like it. Why do I like it?" while a woman shopping near me chuckled. I keep telling myself it doesn't count as camo-camo because L.L. Bean calls it "briar camo". Meanwhile when I wear it Spencer makes, "where's Amanda?" jokes. Whateva. 

And with that, I kick off my list of January favorites.
From the Influenster list:
  • Theo dark chocolate peanut butter cups
  • Califia Farms salted caramel cold brew coffee
  • Tree Hut Himalayan cherry blossom salt scrub
  • Keratin Complex Infusion Replenisher Therapy 
  • Yogi Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy tea
  • Honeywell Mistmate humidifier 
  • A Practical Wedding Planner
  • Cap Barbells
  • Tech21 Impact Check cell phone case 
  • Aroy-D canned jackfruit 
  • NYX Cosmetics liquid suede cream lipstick
More details and comments can be found on my Influenster list.

Favorite things from life:
  • Theo (my dog, not the aforementioned peanut butter cups) pretending to be a snow plow
  • introducing Spencer to the emotional roller coaster that is How I Met Your Mother
  • pausing the show at just the right moment --->
  • spaghetti squash for (almost) every meal
  • sleeping in flannel pajamas inside my flannel sheets under my flannel duvet
  • shuffling down 2 miles of frozen-over trails in inappropriate footwear (see video below)
  • seeing muh man, Bernie
  • getting wedding planning done 

Friday, January 29, 2016

What's in my bag?

Currently in my bag:

L.L. Bean tote (I usually use this one, but it is currently no where to be found).
Forever 21 crossbody purse
Acer C720 Chromebook
LoveME hat
a ziploc bag full of CDs. I'll buy a real CD case someday. 
46 cents
Rose lip balm
Zicam because I've been fighting a cold all week
Banana Republic Wildbloom Vert perfume
an adorable pen with Australian Shepherds all over it and a pink Sharpie
hair clip
fisheye lens attachment 
Ouchless brush
iPhone 5s
Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Home library

Since 2007 I have moved 10 times. Besides the hellish world that is renting and having a hard time getting settled in each new house, I hate that I'm always purging my belongings in order to make moves easier. It's always been my clothes and books that are given away first. My book collection has sadly been dwindled down to one IKEA BILLY bookcase-worth. However, my current landlords left their book collection in the basement, mainly so they wouldn't have to pack up and move hundreds of books, but also for us to read if we wanted.

It is an impressive collection, I must say. There are the classics, college textbooks in a wide array of subjects, Harry Potter in Latin,  and much more.

I have no idea how much longer we'll be in this house (I'm hoping another year or two--I hate moving so much and I love this area), but I plan on reading some more of their collection before I leave, including:

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Step into my office

 Photo #1:

  • drawing figure from IKEA, vintage promotional paper fan for Royal Crown Cola and Shirley Temple in I'll Be Seeing You (1944), fisheye lens, cat eye frame glasses, various books.
Photo #2:
  • wedding planning binder in my monogrammed L.L. Bean tote

  • a second drawing figure, watercolor dog portraits by my best friend, matryoshka dolls. 
  • vintage porcelain vase from Austria, being used as a pencil cup

  • a very small part of my large art supply collection
Monday, January 25, 2016

Music Monday #2

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The one with the wedding showcase

Oh, man. I went to a wedding showcase for the first time. This one took place at the lovely Hardy Farm here in Fryeburg, Maine. Below are three very awkward photos of Spencer and I for your enjoyment. (Whoever we book as our photographer is going to have a helluva time with us.)
Hardy Farm wedding showcase, Maine Snapshot Studio
Thanks to Maine Snapshot Studio for this gem!
Things I enjoyed:
  • it was FREE to attend, unlike similar events
  • vanilla pear lavender sangria from 302 West Smokehouse...holy yum
  • apple cider donuts from the White Mountain Cider Company
  • basically all the other food and beverages because they were delicious
  • getting a free issue of Real Maine Weddings
  • meeting lots of awesome vendors and putting faces to the websites I've been stalking for the past few months
  • I got some free cute 'lil earrings courtesy of Anne Skidmore Photography for my two best friends (since I'm too much of a weenie to have my ears pierced) 
Hardy Farm wedding showcase

Things I didn't enjoy:
  • I entered a raffle for a large discount from the White Mountain Cupcakery, and another Amanda won...for a split second I thought I had actually won something. What a letdown. 
Things to keep in mind for next time:
  • bring a tote bag to collect the millions of pamphlets, business cards, etc. 
  • bring a couple pens
  • get there early, not right as it starts
  • go with an empty stomach
But really, it was SO FUN. I didn't expect to have as much fun as I did. I want these things to happen every month. 

Wedding plans

As you may recall, I'm recently-ish engaged. I've never been too into the idea of getting married. My childhood fantasies were mainly focused on becoming a rock star or the next J.K. Rowling.

How I pictured my future wedding- elementary school edition:
  • groom: Lance Bass (of NSync) 
  • place: city hall
  • other details: um...none, really
How I pictured my future wedding- middle school edition: 
  • groom: Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day)
  • place: city hall
  • other details: again, none
How I pictured my future wedding: high school edition:
  • I didn't
How I pictured my future wedding: college years edition:
  • I didn't

But here I am, engaged and having a wedding at a venue that isn't city hall. Honestly, I never thought I would be here. But I am. And I'm ecstatic.

A photo posted by Amanda Fagan (@amandafagan__) on

Quick Q&A before I continue:
  • When are you getting married?
    • Not telling.
  • So you have a date set?
    • Maybe, maybe not. 
  • Why won't you disclose that information?
    • I like keeping some things shrouded in mystery. 

Because I like to keep things shrouded in mystery, here's how some conversations with my mother have been going lately.

  • "Are you having actual guests?"
  • "I'm thinking a cemetery in Bangor near Stephen King's house and we'll have a human petting zoo to entertain the 500 guests we'll have. And we'll serve Ramen noodles and haggis."

  • "What kind of wedding dress do you like?"
  • "A pantsuit. Not a romper, like a Hillary pantsuit."
  • "For real?" 
  • "Yes. We'll also be playing the Indigo Girls greatest hits."
  • "For real, what kind of dress?"
  • "Think Morticia Addams meets Fergie."

I am difficult.
Saturday, January 23, 2016

Theo turns 1

I can't believe that Theo is already a year old. We adopted him in March from a rescue who got him from a high-kill shelter in Alabama. We had been searching for the perfect pup for a while but each time we would inquire about one we got the same answer--"sorry, they got adopted earlier today."
Spencer contacted the rescue while I was at work and as soon as I got home he asked, "want to go to Ocala to get a puppy?"Um, obviously. So we drove 3 hours to Ocala, met Theo, and boom. We were in love.

Some favorite Theo memories:
  • the drive home from Ocala. He slept on my lap the whole time, mostly with his tongue out. 
  • the time he ran up between Spencer's legs while he was using the bathroom and Spencer accidentally peed on his head. Overshare? Maybe, but it was hilarious. 
  • the time he ate one of my mom's (poisonous) plants, we had to induce vomiting while at the park, and a guy came up and started poking at his vomit with a stick, inspecting everything closely
  • the time he tried to befriend a baby turtle
  • when he met his cousin Hank, a golden retriever, and was very *ahem* friendly with him
  • attempting to teach him how to swim...he wasn't too into it 
  • he would always lay in holes at the dog park. Never dig them, just lay inside them.
  • when a 4 pound puppy tried to beat him up, and he took it like a champ 
  • the time he locked me out of the house...while barefoot, in pajamas, with no phone
  • the trip up from Florida to Maine, he slept the whole time and was much better behaved than I thought he would be
  • the time Spencer was walking him at night, they encountered a moose, Theo froze in fear, and Spencer came running inside with 70 pound Theo slung over his shoulder
  • the first time he experienced snow

A video posted by Amanda Fagan (@amandafagan__) on

Please spay and neuter your pets and always adopt, never shop.
Friday, January 22, 2016

Felt the Bern

If you follow me on Twitter, you know my politics. If you don't know my politics, I'm a fan of Senator Bernie Sanders.

So on Thursday morning when I got an email about a town hall meeting with Bernie today, you bet I RSVP'd immediately. Living so close to New Hampshire sure has its benefits!

A photo posted by Amanda Fagan (@amandafagan__) on

Overall, it was an awesome event and I'm very happy that I was able to attend.

Some things I didn't enjoy:

  • waiting outside for 30 minutes in 10 degree weather
  • not regaining the feeling in my toes till an hour later
  • I had bright red lipstick all over my teeth
  • and didn't realize it till I got in the car to leave
  • I talked to and smiled at a lot of people today

Thursday, January 21, 2016

To do list: Maine

I visited Maine twice before moving here in September 2015. I have crossed many things off my to do list, but there are many things I haven't done yet. My goal is to visit at least half of these places by 2017. Hold me to it. 

I'll continue adding to this list over time, follow along on Foursquare. I also blog at Ran Away to Maine, documenting my Maine adventures.

Of course, I certainly welcome suggestions for this list. What's your favorite spot in Maine, or where in Maine do you want to visit most?
Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Favorites: Vero Beach

Because I'm still freezing no matter how many layers I wear, here is a list of my some of my favorite spots in Vero Beach, Florida. Vero Beach was my home for the past 8-ish years before moving to Maine.
Riomar Beach
For more Vero favorites, check out my Fourquare list.

Beach-goers, which one is your favorite in the country/world? 
Tuesday, January 19, 2016

L.L. Bean thoughts

I found myself asking these questions today while shopping at the L.L. Bean flagship store in Freeport:

  • why don't I have more money?
  • why don't they sell flannel-lined skinny jeans? 
  • why didn't I buy the Signature line Bean Boots when I had the chance? 
  • how many backpacks do I need? 7?
  • but really, why don't they sell flannel-lined skinny jeans?
  • how many of these snow tubes can I fit in my car?
  • why do people let their very small toddlers climb on the rocks around the trout pond without supervision? 
  • do they know how much money they could make off of flannel-lined skinny jeans? 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Yes, it's Music Monday #1

I'm currently feelin'

What's your favorite track?
Saturday, January 16, 2016

2015 Highlights

  • adopted Theo

  • went to the West Coast for the first time and traveled almost the entire length of California
    • spent the most time in:
      • Costa Mesa
      • San Francisco
      • Laguna Beach
      • San Luis Obispo

#bigsur #pacificcoasthighway #pca #california

A photo posted by Amanda Fagan (@amandafagan__) on

  • went to Maine for the second time
    • spent the most time in:
      • Lewiston
      • Freeport
      • Boothbay Harbor
      • Cape Elizabeth
      • Fryeburg
      • York
  • moved to Maine
  • got engaged to my best friend, Spencer (!!!)