Mini moon: Acadia National Park

Because Spencer has a bit of an odd work schedule and because we wanted some more time to save up for a longer, super-awesome honeymoon (*cough cough* Hawaii), we decided to take a "mini moon" 60 short miles away to Acadia National Park. Acadia is located mostly on Mount Desert Island, which Spencer and I quickly visited a while back, but we never actually bought the pass and went in the park. Acadia has been on my travel bucket list for years so I'm so glad to have finally gone.

We found a little cave! 

Oh and we did something a little unconventional for the first day of our honeymoon...we brought my best friend Sarah along with us. She had to go back to Chicago the next day and we wanted to explore Acadia together, so day 1 was more of a friend-adventure.

We had a great time and Acadia was so, so beautiful. I'm glad that we bought an annual pass because I'm already planning more trips there!

What's your favorite national park? Which one do you want to visit the most? 

Music Monday + Wedding Series

Since we had our wedding reception at our house, we just used my beloved Spotify for music. I probably spent more time working on the wedding playlist than I did any other aspect of our wedding. I listened to it in order day after day to make sure I liked the flow. I played around with the crossfading and decided that crossfading exactly 7 seconds was perfect. Not 6 seconds, not 8 seconds. In retrospect, I was way too fixated on this playlist and I probably wasted hours of my life on it. Oh well.

I didn't want my wedding playlist to sound like everyone else's. When I Googled "wedding playlists" I was given basically the same 50 songs. Spencer and I decided upbeat indie music was the way to go, and not necessarily lovey-dovey songs. I added songs we both love, plus a few songs that I thought everyone would know and enjoy, and a lot of covers of well-known songs.

I signed up for a free trail of Spotify premium so that no ads would interrupt, hooked up a Beats speaker to my laptop, blasted the volume, and put the speaker at the edge of my loft bedroom so that the music could easily be heard throughout the downstairs. I have a tall, open ceiling so the noise traveled easily and I also didn't want to risk someone hijacking my laptop and putting on YMCA. No way.

I made the playlist a little over 6 hours long, not that I wanted my reception to last that long, but just in case. I also made the end of the playlist all instrumental to signify to any stragglers "okay, it's over!" We only made it to the 77th track, but at least the playlist was certainly long enough!

Common Ground 2016

Autumn in Maine means country fairs galore! I missed out on all the fairs last year, so I was very excited to attend the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity this year. The Common Ground Country Fair is a three day-long fair focusing on food, arts, and more but all of it revolves around a central theme: celebrating rural life in Maine.

The Common Ground fair fosters a sense of community by connecting local farmers, artists, makers, and doers with people from all over Maine. An estimated 60,000 people attend the fair each year. I was seriously overwhelmed by the choices-- the food, the produce, the demonstrations, the artwork, everything. There was certainly not a lack of things to do and see at this fair.

Swag from Taproot and the Beehive Design Collective
From the Beehive Design Collective
I loved seeing this, and the "Stolen Spring" sticker, because I've seen firsthand how detrimental the bottled water industry is to communities. When I used to live in Fryeburg, I lived half a mile from one of Nestle/Poland Spring's water pumps and it was extremely unpleasant, to say the least. This summer Maine was in a drought, peoples' wells were running dry, and they were forced to go buy Poland Springs water--- water that was from their town. I'm really just skimming the surface here and I don't want to go off topic, but I implore you to read more about this issue and urge you to not support the bottled water industry.


I wish I had taken more photos but my hands were full all day with some of the best chai tea I've ever had, organic produce, Indian corn, and brochures. My eyes were also watering because I'm weak when it comes to adorable farm animals. I just want to take them all home and love them. Thankfully Spencer was there to stop me from buying a new pet rabbit or 5.

I'm already excited for next year's fair!

I got married!

That's right, folks! I kept my wedding details under wraps a bit but I am happy to announce that Spencer and I were married on Saturday, September 17th in Camden, Maine. More details and more professional photos are coming but for now I just wanted to share an update on the wedding since I've been so secretive.

That update is: it happened!

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People keep asking us if being married feels any different, but it really doesn't. All we feel is relief that the wedding planning process is finally over and done with and gratitude because we really wouldn't have been able to pull this off without the help of our family and friends. Not only did they all have to travel quite a bit to get here, they really busted their butts to help us out. Spencer's dad officiated the wedding, his mom, sister, and grandma made our wedding cake, and my parents helped cook since something possessed us to self-cater the wedding reception.

The only time I cried during the day (and I didn't even realize I had started crying) was when my best friend Sarah gave a little speech. I think I'm going to frame it and cry every time I look at it.

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Over the next few weeks I'm going to be sharing more about our wedding and the planning process, but broken up a bit instead of one giant post, so be sure to check back soon!